Tech Air 15.6 inch Grey Sleeve and Wireless Mouse £5 inc Postage @ Orange Accessories

Tech Air 15.6 inch Grey Sleeve and Wireless Mouse £5 inc Postage @ Orange Accessories

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The superb Tech Air Grey Sleeve will comfortably hold up to 15.6" laptops. The exquisite sleeve is ideal for transporting your laptop protecting it from knocks and scratches. The stylish sleeve's main laptop compartment features a foam protection system to cushion your computer. Durable, shower proof polyester is used for the sleeve's outer layer and a soft orange coloured oxford nylon is used for the inner lining. The sleeve has an extra zippered pocket and a rear slip pocket providing plenty of room for carrying accessories and paperwork. Also included is a useful Wireless Mouse that allows you to navigate with ease and accuracy when using your computer.

fits up to 15.6" Laptops
900 x 1200D Polyester
features double zips on the main compartment and front pocket
soft oxford nylon lining
detachable and adjustable shoulder strap
included Wireless Mouse


Great deal for a fiver.

Why are some people voted this cold?

maybe because of the crap company

hot from me....

Great deal buy more and its only £3 each as postage is then free !!

Free postage only kicks in with 4 or more ordered.

Great deal - Have ordered 2 for £8 incl delivery. These are £24.99 each at BestBuy.
Have some heat!!

Fab thank you! Ordered 1. Thanks OP.

Thanks op. Code orange10 worked also so £4.70 delivered

i have one of these. payed £15 at pc world.
they are very good for transport, however the padding isn't exactly great so it isn't that rugged.

but for the price its a steal. BUY BUY BUY

Worse company i have ever user. Ordered a pair of headphones about 3 months ago... not even an email to update. Called them a few times and they say they are on order.... Customer service and reliablility is very poor.

I would never use them again and others should do the same.... AVOID!!!!

Thanks, ordered two for 7.40 delivered.

Tried to order the other day from Orange, but their site was buggy and wouldn't accept my address or card properly even though input correctly. Gave up in the end.

Thanks, ordered 2, wonder if I'll ever see them....

Thanks Ordered 2 for £8.

ordered, bargain at that price 10% discount code worked too

Have been looking out for these for the past few weeks. At £3 each, it's a steal!

Thanks OP!


Thanks, ordered two for 7.40 delivered.

Same here, thanks

HOT HOT, previously I wanted to order phillips dect phone priced at £8 I didnt as it wasnt free postage, Now ordered the phillips phone and this case with free mouse all inclusive delivery for £11 what a bargain

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Excellent, many thanks.

Ordered 4 for £10.80 delivered or £2.70 each including the code.


Just ordered, be interested to see if it turns up as the last time I ordered from Orange Accessories was in July 2010 and the Xbox Live sub never turned up despite charging my card.

Great deal - ordered 3 and 2 iphone covers for £12 covers are £3 BOGOFF - but then the 10% discount doesnt work in addition.


ordered 2

Nice one, just bought a 15.6" laptop last night so this is perfect! Cheers OP

Very good price, this is the one I paid £10 delivered for a few weeks ago. The bag is pretty good, but the mouse has stopped working after a couple of weeks and I can't tell what's wrong with it.

And yes I have tried it with a new battery, it's not that.


Excellent, many thanks.Ordered 4 for £10.80 delivered or £2.70 each i … Excellent, many thanks.Ordered 4 for £10.80 delivered or £2.70 each including the code.Megamart

ordered 4 too

i ordered the JBL on tour speakers about 2 years ago & they turned up quick so I trust'em

heat added

Strange says £3 on screen, trying to order but website is slow

keep trying, my order was slow but eventually went through

I got the black version of this a while back free when I bought a laptop, not much padding but zipped pocket for cables and stuff and another one with velcro fastening for possibly for keeping a notepad. Nice and lightweight. Also get batteries included for the mouse. Decided to get another one at this price...

so slow

£8 for 2 what a bargain. cheers

seems to be out of stock?...

poor, naive fools.

sold out

Yes, looks like they have all gone :-(

all gone

this company has dire customer service ,orded a cordless phone of these guys and never turned up,been trying to get my money back for 6 weeks had to contact credit card company .Be warned

This company always takes far more orders for products than they can possibly fulfill and just never contact the customers. Most of you will be disappointed and won't even have a cancellation email. I've also heard about cases where they take payment and don't dispatch, although personally it hasn't happened to me.

I would never use Orange Accessories again (after two orders) and would advise anybody and everybody to avoid. Once you realise what a bunch of jokers they are you will be worried you gave them your card details.
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I popped into PC World today and they are selling these for £35!

Original Poster

Thanks for the heat

their website couldn't seem to handle the fact that my address has a flat number as well as a road number- lol. Kept saying that it didn't match my card address X) Called them and the woman said that 'sales' would call me back, but they never did. Crap!
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