Techlink Wires CR68 30m HDMI Cable - Amazon UK - £88.08

Techlink Wires CR68 30m HDMI Cable - Amazon UK - £88.08

Found 18th Feb 2009
I know its expensive, but considering this is a 30m cable and has a built in booster to keep the signal strength.

I'm currently using this to send SkyHD to my bedroom and can confirm it works great and the picture is perfect.

I have also used it to send a 1080p signal and confirm this works a treat too.

* For digital Audio/Video transmission of up to 5 GB/sec
* Next-generation digital interface for consumer LCD and Plasma screens
* Ideal for use with WiresNX HDMI Passive Reapeater
* Double sheilded to reduce radio interferance
* Fully compatible with version 1.2 of the HDMI specification
* High-end performance at an unbelievable price
* Double shielded non-migratory Oxygen Free Copper conductors throughout
* Individual Al-Mylar Aluminium foil shielded signal cables for improved picture and sound-to-cable signal migration
* Flexible PVC outer jacket to bend and fit into the tightest of spaces
* What Plasma and LCD TV Annual Awards, 2006-2007: Best Cable Brand of the Year 2007



"I'm currently using this to send SkyHD to my bedroom"

Wow, that's some size of house


Wow, that's some size of house

Probably not a straight run from one room to the other.

ebuyer do 20m for £34.99 and its HDMI Version 1.3 , which is alright if you dont need 30m…180

Original Poster

Yes have had to go up to through the loft and then down again. Surprising how much you need when you work it all out.

I chose this cable as you don't need to buy seperate Extenders/Boosters which you typically need to over 15m.
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