Technica viewbox idock with 7inch screen - £74.98 delivered @ Tesco Direct!
Technica viewbox idock with 7inch screen - £74.98 delivered @ Tesco Direct!

Technica viewbox idock with 7inch screen - £74.98 delivered @ Tesco Direct!

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Was £150 so seems to be 50% reduction

Listen to music and watch videos from your iPod Nano, Classic or Touch. Supports music / Video / photo viewing playback. Use as a photo frame ? compatible with USB Host 2.0 / SD / MMC / MS card reader. JPEG, MP3 and MPEG-4 (*.avi) playback. AV output, Headphone and line-in. Operated by mains adaptor (included). This iPod speaker comes with remote control, AV cable, 8pcs iPod cradles and user manual.

Accessories AV cable, 8pcs iPod cradles and user manual
Brand Technika
Charges Ipod When Docked Yes
Features of Product 7" LCD screen to allow you to view videos from your iPod Nano, Classic & Touch. JPEG, MP3 and MPEG-4 (*.avi) playback. Use as a Digital Photoframe with the built in 3-in-1 Card Reader. Also comes complete with a USB slot to HOST 2.0 (Support USB pendriver only)
Headphone Jack Yes
Ipod Compatible Nano, Classic & Touch (Music & Video)
LCD Display Yes
Line in Yes
Product Depth 12.5 cm
Product Height 12.5 cm
Product Width 36 cm
Remote Control Yes
SD Mmc Card Slot Yes
Total Sound Output 2 x 5w
Type of Power Mains Adapter
USB Slot Yes
Video Output Jack Yes
Volume Control Yes



Good price, thanks grantalien This was posted on here @ £99 just last week

I've added an image to your post, for help on how to do this check out the links in my signature. Thanks

This price is in-store now too!

Seems like a hot deal,thanks OP.

Does anyone have one if these and if so could you tell us if the screen,sound is any good?
Screen res Etc.??


H & R Left.

I looked at it instore last night and they were £199 reduced by 50% to £99.
So even cheaper now!
Couldn;t tell on the quality as it was showing a slideshow of some
ultra colourful naff pictures!

I love your avatar Jono1 !

Saw these when they were first put out in store weeks ago. No price ticket in promo bin so I took one to the price check £150.00. So two weeks later priced at 50% off so really always going to be around the £75 mark and quite frankly still too expensive

Cheers sheely-wheely yours is really good too.

Has anybody got one of these?
Need to know if they are any cop?

Is this any good?

I went instore to see the item working but they will not show it to me.

In the end I decided to give it a go and try it. I bought one from Tesco Direct (£74.98 + £20 orange airtime voucher = £94.98) Using the £13 off voucher when you spend £90 plus the new vat reduction I end up paying £79.98 so not bad deal getting this for £60 really as I need it the topup anyway.

I could not find a review anywhere so I thought let's do some kind of review to help some people make their minds.

I just tried the Item and my first impression is very nice. It looks quite nice. So far I can tell you the following:

- The letters in screen in the main menu are not very sharp but not too bad.

- When I plugged an SD memory card (8gb Microsd SDHC it did not recognize the card, but I have the same problem on my PC, so it might be the micro SD to SD adapter) will try a few others and let you know

- Put a USB Pen Drive and it will search through it and display the pictures, not bad the quality but not brilliant.

- Put the IPOD Nano and have the following:
- The IPOD Menu do not appear on the screen (I might need to play a bit more or change some settings to get this) you basically browse things on the IPOD screen.
- The remote control does work with the IPOD you press the remote control and you can see the IPOD menus moving.
- Watching a movie in the screen is quite nice the movie looks good.
- When listening to a song the screen was black (again I might need to play with the settings on the dock station or in the IPOD)
- The sound is ok no distorsion but again is not very loud, which is perfect for what I want, this is a gift for my daughter so don't really want it to be too loud.
- It has audio or video output so and the cables are included so you could plug it to a TV and/or a HI/FI if you want to.
- One more thing that I notice is that the cable for the main says that it does work in America which is a nice bonus for me.
- Having the guarantee with Tesco is another bonus I guess any problem within the first year and I just take it back to the store.

Overall I have to say I was a bit reluctant to get it because of the brand and the fact that have not seen any review, but I have to say I am very happy with my purchase with the amount of features that it has got I doubt you can find anything at this price.

I guess if you want something really loud or are bother about excellent sound quality then you can spend £150 for a BOSE or something else. Otherwise this item will do the job and more.

I will try the rest of the features and let you know.

At work all my colleague were quite impressed we all thought I was getting something that will look cheap and bad quiliaty but is really a nice piece of kit I would recommend you to buy it and give Technika (Tesco) a chance I am sure you will not regret it.

And for this price I can not really complain.

I hope my review help someone, this might be the only review that you can find.

Great stuff asandino,thanks for the review:thumbsup:

I think I will go for one based on your positve review.
The volume is not an issue for me so sounds pretty good
for the money.Thanks again,



Great stuff asandino,thanks for the review:thumbsup:I think I will go for … Great stuff asandino,thanks for the review:thumbsup:I think I will go for one based on your positve review.The volume is not an issue for me so sounds pretty good for the money.Thanks again,Jono.

Good to hear that my review help someone. Let us know your thought so more people can decide to buy it or not based on more reviews.

I had a chance to test it a bit more last night (tricky to try it with the kids around specially when this is their christmas present, had to wait for them to go to sleep :oops:).

I tried the 8GB microsd SDHC card again but this time using a USB adapter and it works with no problem. It loads the pictures and it starts to display the pictures.

One thing that I noticed regarding pictures is that because the screen is like widescreen, the pictures sometimes are streched or cut in some part in order to display them full screen. I might need to do a bit more digging to display the pictures a bit better. But the way that I look at it is that I bought an IPOD docking station that plays music, videos and as a bonus is a digital frame.

I still need to try whether I can play videos from a memory card or the USB pen drive, my guess is that it should work.

After Christmas I can try this a bit better with more time and can update this thread regarding the formats that can play and so on. (I am hoping that I can play *.avi files like DIVX, XVID, etc through the Pen Drive or memory card) that's one thing I don't like about the IPOD that you have to convert avi videos to mp4 or m4v or whatever, why can we not play avi in the IPOD arrgghhh :x.

Overall I would give the following rating to this item.

Features 9/10 (Has no CD player or radio)
Price 10/10 (Good price for what it is, remember I paid £60)
Sound 8/10 (Is not very loud, but is good enough at least for me)
Quality 8/10 (It's not a BOSE system, but it looks quite nice, the screen add a lot of value)
Easy to Use 7/10 (The remote control is ok but it could be a bit slow, you can also browse by using the arrows in the docking station)
Screen 8/10 (The resolution could be better but again for this price what more can you expect, at least you have a nice screen) If the screen was a touchscreen it would be perfect
Size 9/10 (A perfect portable system, if you can plug it then you are good to go) It would have being nice it you could use it with batteries as well.

The main reason I got this thing is because of the screen, so if you fancy having a nice docking station with a screen to play videos as well as music then this if for you at a decent price. But if you don't need a screen or don't want one, then I am sure you can get better docking station out there.
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