Technika 10.1MP Digital Camera SH-A366 (as new) £32.50 delivered @ Bigpockets !
Technika 10.1MP Digital Camera SH-A366 (as new) £32.50 delivered @ Bigpockets !

Technika 10.1MP Digital Camera SH-A366 (as new) £32.50 delivered @ Bigpockets !

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Brand: Technika
Camera Type: Compact
Card Type SD
Digital Zoom: 4x
Exposure Modes: Automatic, Manual
2.4" LCD screen
Flash Modes: Auto, Flash off, Mode3
Focal Length Normal: 50cm to infinity, Wide 5cm to infinity, Tele: 7.5mm to 22.5mm
ISO Range: 50, 100, 200
LCD Size in Inches: 2.4"
Megapixels: 10 megapixels
Optical Zoom 3x
Self Timer: Yes
Video Record: Yes - no sound


Bargain! Have some heat.

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Great price. Thinking about getting this as a back up camera in case anything happens to my camera

hot deal....................good pixels on that!

30 quid on ebay

From reviewcentre.com/rev…tml

Good Points
Pocket size
Optical view finder
Auto focus works
AA batteries and charger included
PC image utility software is extensive but aimed at children
Case included

Bad Points
Poor quality buttons - presses do not always register.
Weak LCD is useless outside even when cloudy.
Cheap lens - 10 MP detail is no better than an enlarged 3 MP.
Very slow - 4 seconds - before another picture can be taken (without flash).
Picture numbering always restarts at 0001.

EDIT: and that's the only review I can find on the web for this camera. I'd steer well clear of this. For a little more you could get a decent make/model.

As the above review points out, 10.1MP is misleading and quality wont be even better than a 2MP camera with a cheap lens. Spending about £33 on a used/refurb camera with just 3 month warranty doesnt appeal to me.. sorry

Technika is brand name for Tesco's camera and other electronics range.
You might as well have any other XYZ brand "made in china".

Very poor make.
Ordered one from eBuyer and it went straight back.

Sorry, cheap for a reason, marketed towards the megapixel is best brigade, quality of lens and sensor is more important than numbers, rather buy a cheaper quality brand with lower pixel count than this. Save up and get a brand make for £50/£60.

Learnt my lesson. Always buy a camera/mobile camera with a premium lens.
My Nokia 6500 produces sharper results even at 3.2 MP

Glad i just come back to check these comments b placing a order, i wont be ordering it now.

Thanks for the advice on this camera

Got to agree with the other negative comments I'm afraid. With digital cameras it really is worth paying a bit more for the name. Better cameras do occasionally come up at about this price, there was a Samsung one earlier today. Otherwise, if you want a refurb, try fuji or kodak websites.

Probably the only brand that's worse than Vivitar...



30 quid on ebay

where? whats the item no? Only one i can find is £39.99 + postage


30 quid on ebay

60 quid on ebay you mean, after the first seller rips you off!
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