Technika 19-218 LCD TV DVD Combi & iPod Dock £78 possibly £63 @ Tesco

Technika 19-218 LCD TV DVD Combi & iPod Dock £78 possibly £63 @ Tesco



If it's anything like yesterday's deal on the 22" one, code only worked for some people. What I and others did was to buy @ full price and then call Tesco Direct, inform them of code and that it wouldn't work and they send an email immediately telling you a £15 credit will be paid to you within 3 days.
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I done that and they wouldn't honour the code said they have been told not to accept these as they are customer specific and u have to prove the code has been sent to you now also the tv has now been put up in price to 98.00
Sorry this is the right price for this was looking at the 22'' one from yesterday's deal what I said about the code still applies though
Just a heads up as mentioned last night code did not work and I rung up and was told they would refund £15 and it is in my account already. So I ha e paid £63.
Sold out
they also phoned me back and refunded the £15.
I ordered one from Tesco and the code worked.... £63!!!! Bargain.
Great bargain, even has a dvd and media player. Picture quality is very good, sound is a bit tinny but with a bit of adjustment it's fine.
Instore price is £108 so well worth the money in my opinion.
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