Technika 42-8533D 42 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LCD TV with Freeview & 8 x 3D Glasses £449 @ Tesco Direct

Technika 42-8533D 42 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LCD TV with Freeview & 8 x 3D Glasses £449 @ Tesco Direct

Found 7th Apr 2012
Immerse yourself in the magic of the movies from the comfort of your living room with this Technika 42" 3D TV. This sleek black widescreen television comes with 8 pairs of passive 3D glasses so that family and friends can enjoy comfortable 3D viewing. Full HD 1080p resolution delivers superior picture quality and vibrant colours in stunning detail. Its integrated Freeview tuner features a 7 day electronic programme guide, ensuring you need never miss your favourite programmes again. Other convenient features include a USB input for viewing your multimedia files on the big screen and a headphone socket for viewing without disturbing others. There are 4 HDMI connections and 2 SCART sockets to enable you to connect to devices, such as games consoles and Blu-ray players.

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FREE Philips BDP3282 3D Smart Blu-ray Player when you buy a Technika 42-8533D 42 inch TV

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Great price, especially with the Phillips Blu ray but how I wish you people woud put the price in the title LIKE YOU'RE ASKED TO DO, instead of forcing us to open the thread.
Its a good price with the blu ray player but i will never EVER buy a technika tv,they are rubbish,had 1 before,never again
seems like if you want a top notch 3D telly then walk away but if you're after something secondary for the kids to watch 3D movies on for example then this might just do the job
worth a punt anyway if you're close enough to a store to not care about taking it back if you don't get on with it
Same tv + Philips Smart 3D Blueray Player +Hdmi Cable+8x3D Glasses £399-99 ,offer starts 19/04/12 --Tesco Direct Online code is 901-9277
I have had a Technika 42-8533D 42" 3D 1080p HD LCD Television for 1 week now and found it realy great, only thing I found wrong was with the remote on the Blue Ray player , ie the button's are slow to respond, I got 8 pairs of glasses with the tv and the player was free from tesco's.
The best part is yet to come , I had a pair of 3D glasses that I got from my local £ shop and they worked .
Tesco Extra stores are currently dsiplaying a package deal comprising a Technika 42" 3D LCD TV with Bluray Player, with a headline price of £399
Having seen this deal in Tesco Extra's Bracknell store, I was told that TVs over 37" are for home delivery only, and that I should go home and use the product code 901-9277 on the Tesco website.
Unfortunately that code is priced at £449 online.
I phoned Tesco Direct's helpline. After a rather "circular logic" discussion with one gentleman, my call was forwarded to his supervisor who gave his name as Lewis Tamplin. He explained that the package priced at £399 was out of stock anyway, but that I could order the package at £449 ss they had stock of the package at the higher price.
Can anybody help me to understand this? Surely the "bill of materials" for 901-9277 is the same regardless of whether it's priced at Tesco Extra's £399 or Tesco Direct's £449? And, that being the case, it's either in stock or it isn't, regardless of whether the customer buys it from Tesco Extra or Tesco Direct.
The upshot is that Tesco Extra are advertising an item at £399, knowing that they cannot supply it, and suggesting customers buy it from Tesco Direct for an additional £50
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