Technika Cube Clock Dock with DAB and iphone/ipod dock £8.50 @ Tesco

Technika Cube Clock Dock with DAB and iphone/ipod dock £8.50 @ Tesco

LocalFound 7th Jun 2013
Still shows at £30 on the site but only 8.50 in store for the purple and 9.25 for the silver.

Wake up your way with this sleek compact cube clock radio. This cube clock radio offers crystal clear digital sound as well as an FM radio for you to enjoy. It features built-in clock with an alarm and snooze function to help you wake up in the morning. This cube clock also features a dock that allows you to listen to your favourite music through your iPhone/iPod that also conveniently charges it. This cube clock features 10 preset DAB/FM stations and an LCD display with a backlight to view what station your actually listening to. Select your favourite wake up call with a choice of DAB, FM, iPhone and alarm sounds.
Read more at…prd

TELFORD EXTRA - 3 in stock - Purple / 2 in stock - Silver
TELFORD MADELEY - 2 in stock Purple - 0 silver

Please note if it is NOT on display it will be at the back - Ask at the customer service desk :-)

Price is STILL £8.50 and £9.25 nationwide as confirmed by stores

Birmingham Spring Hill is out of stock at the moment
- vinh1000
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£29 in the Cambridge Newmarket Rd branch
Till error maybe? Came up as £8.50 when I took it to the till
1 on the shelf at kings Lynn,bought for 8.50
£9.25 for the silver one @ Tesco Extra, Musselburgh.
They have the silver one for £9.25 at Birmingham Edgbaston - 3 left on shelf
Bought the silver one today for £9.25:)
Broughton, Chester have silver ones for £9.75. Sounds ok. Not hi-fi quality obviously but fine for background music.
bought one; no instructions though...
how do you save presets?
few more in stock at tesco extra sandhurst.

bought one; no instructions do you save presets?few more in … bought one; no instructions do you save presets?few more in stock at tesco extra sandhurst.

Hi I bought one today. this is how you save a preset.

Tune to desired station
Press and hold preset button
A preset number will be displayed flashing on the bottom lineof the display
Choose which number preset you want station saved to.
Then press SELECT to store.
It should the say PRESET SAVED.
Thank you op. Heat added. I picked one up in my local (Liverpool) yesterday for my daughter's room. I also saw a personal technika dab radio for £7.33 reduced from £29.xx and a philips Dab radio for £8.xx.
Can I use for iPhone 5? Thanks a lot!

Can I use for iPhone 5? Thanks a lot!

nope. not suitable for the iphone 5
kuul , looks like an old sony clock radio .. heat addedd
Link down for me , expired!
Got one of these the other day for £9.25, works very well for the pricepoint. Reception in our dining room isn't the greatest (there are 5 DAB channels it recognises in the scan but cannot play them), but that may be because it is a garage conversion with a copious amount of "Celotex" foil faced insulation boards which may screw up DAB reception. Works fine with the wife's Ipod Nano.
Will it work with iPhone 5 if I use
30 to pin adapter? Thanks for your help!
Checked. Won't work but will buy for iPod anyway.

Link down for me , expired!

its an instore offer. the link is only to show the product and specs
They also have a pure style dab radio, the technica oxford for £8 odd.
The sound quality is infinatley better than the cube (we bought both)

Got my other half one of these a few months ago. Good value. Sound is OK, although big jump on volume - 4 too quite, 5 too loud.
1 silver one left Birmingham spring hill scans at price marked at 29

1 left Birmingham spring hill marked at £29

when i picked up the purple, (though description says pink,) the ticket said £29 but i asked and it scanned at £8.50.
At the expense of criticising Apple here, don't you just love the way that all the 1000,s of Ipod compatible products out there are now not backward compatible with the new kit.

Was it such a big ask Apple?
Been after a Gamecube for ages, thanks!
Image Proof
£8.50 in hindley, wigan just bought 1, not bad for the price! Heat added
Just asked someone and apparantly nationwide price :L
tesco Surrey queys had both of them in stock . 2-3 of each color. sticker was at full price

I decided for diferent model that doesn't come with DAB but you can download a nest app that allows you to display weather, control the radio and some other extras. it as £7.50 down from £30. sticker was at full price again as well.…prd for £7.50 now instore
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I've never had a product like this before, can someone tell me if this will this charge my iPhone whilst it is docked?
Got the last unit on display fron Tesco Extra Sandhurst for £8
All I need now is a Bluetooth adapter to make it usable with any smartphone/tablet/media player with bluetooth.$T2eC16RHJHwE9n8ihql(BRmTUJOL2!~~60_12.JPG
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Yes I picked up a silver one from Shrewsbury branch for £9.25 - only one on shelf. Tried it and its great with surprising good sound.
Why is this expired just got the silver one at Liverpool Old Swan branch still got least 2 or 3 of each maybe more spread out in the tech/audio section
There are two silver ones at Crawley Tescos @ 16:30pm. Just got one, marked at £30 but scan at £9.25.
Just bought last one in Cullompton for £8.50. Good sound for the size!
Had a few in Redditch on Sunday. Very good buy, good sound quality for what it is
Had a few in Redditch on Sunday. Very good buy, good sound quality for what it is
Just got one of these at £8.50 Barton Tesco. Had a couple left but shelf showed price as £29
just got one its brill. not to everyone. if you have a spare set of old computer speakers lying around plug them into this and youll get pretty decent sound.. I just whacked my old creative speakers with sub into the bak of this and the sound is pretty awesome!
just bought another and was informed from 12am tonight thy go back to 37 pounds so if you want one go get one now!!
just bought 2, marked up at £9.25.... good sound ..bargain price:)
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