Technika lcd tv extend warranty by 3 months... free

Technika lcd tv extend warranty by 3 months... free

Found 30th Sep 2010
If you have Just purchased a Technika tv from Tesco, register for 3 months extra warranty here…php , just click on register product, say no to extended warranty and print out normal warranty, comes out with 3 months extra added on. Note:- must be done within 7 days of purchase


Thanks for the info. Always good to get something for free.


some of those Tesco Technika TV's have better features then the big brand name TV's - saw one which I'm sure has a USB Socket and allowed you to record TV direct to a USB Stick

Why not just offer 15 month warranties on all Tecknicha products? Bought one 6 months ago so doesn't look like I qualify. However the SOGA says they should be good for around 5 or 6 years.......

No it doesn't, it simply says you have 5 or 6 years to submit a claim.

Nothing to do with how long an item should last.

The extended 3-month warranty link does not work. Complete waste of time.

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It does say expired at the top of thread and it is 6 years old (_;) oO
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