Technika Pro SH-1060 Digital Camera - 10MP - £49.97 - Save £100!! @ Tesco

Technika Pro SH-1060 Digital Camera - 10MP - £49.97 - Save £100!! @ Tesco

Found 21st Feb 2008
Battery Type : Li-ion
Box Contents : Software CD & manuals, power adaptor, strap and camera pouch.
Brand : Technika
Camera Type : Digital camera
Card Type : SD
Compatible With Sdhc Cards : No
Digital Zoom : 8x
Features of Product : 180 shot battery life Super slim design
Flash Modes : Auto
LCD Size in Inches : 2.5
Megapixels : 10
Optical Zoom : 3x
Self Timer : Yes
Video Record : Yes - with sound

I have no idea what this camera is like. Seems like a bargain tho!
I first saw instore at Wolverton, MK branch, but OOS. Looking online, it states save £25, but I think this is wrong.


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Nikon/Canon/Olympus 4/5/6mp with better ccd and lenses for similar price would make this look like complete **** and produce far superior pictures, higher MP does not = better pictures.

Isn't Technika a Tesco own-brand or something?

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Isn't Technika a Tesco own-brand or something?

Yea, I believe so!

Sorry cold from me, definitely not worth buying any of these cheap, high megapixel cameras from unknown brands. Stick to a lower megapixel camera from a decent brand schizoboy said.

cold.. these are just like the old samsung ones where they have a million zillion pixells but the quality is really poor.

Hi everyone could you please help, we have the above camera it is 3 years old now and we have had no problems with it but this weekend the telephoto lens(I think thats what you call it) will not retract, the battery is fully charged ie. the red light does not come on. Can anyone help or does it mean a new camera. Thanks Adele

Hello - had this camera from Tesco for about 2 years now and always thought that the power button was iffy but put it down to fat fingers. Have recently had a similar thing to Adele - hence found this thread - in that couldn't turn off properly as zoom lens would close and then reopen. Have set the auto-shutdown to 1 minute to turn-off camera and get lens to retract. Picture quality seems ok but not enough of an expert to compare to better brands with lower pixels.
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