Technoline BC-1000 Intelligent charger Inc: 4x Eneloop AA 3G, UK adapter, bag, battery converters £43.99 @ batterylogic

Technoline BC-1000 Intelligent charger Inc: 4x Eneloop AA 3G, UK adapter, bag, battery converters £43.99 @ batterylogic

Found 4th Nov 2013
Inb4 "You can get a charger for £4, and rechargables 4 for £1 at poundland.."

Bit specialised this but good for folks who get sick of throwing cheap "2500mAh" rechargables out after two years when their capacity drops to about 700mAh. Or lets face it if you like your products to be a bit geeky.

Seemed an OK price on this as the higher end model that can charge quickly (1800mAh) if required, but has the proper UK plug (not a euro one with a silly adapter), and as a bonus comes with an option of AA rechargables, I went for the Eneloop 3rd generation which go for about £8-10 by themselves. They do sell a car adapter so you can take it on the road but at £9.99, might be better sourcing one elsewhere (think it's either 3 or 4V input)

Cut n Paste follows:

The BC-1000 is the latest version of the much loved BC-900 which this unit replaces. Although the BC-1000 looks identical to its predecessor, the BC-900, under the bonnet the unit now benefits from dual processors and enhanced charge control electronics plus the very latest operating software encapsulated within the onboard BC1000

A Gadget lovers DREAM..

The superb BC-1000 battery charger has four independent charging channels each of which allow for independent charging, discharging, refreshing or testing of any AA or AAA rechargeable battery, both NiCd and NiMH.

Each battery compartment has its own LCD display which provides real time information relating to the status of each individual cell. You can view actual charge/discharge current, terminal voltage, accumulated mAh and elapsed time per cell.

This unique charger has four modes of operation : Charge, Charge/Test, Discharge and Discharge/Refresh

You can perform different functions on each battery simultaneously. You can set the charge current at different levels for each of the four batteries and you can also charge different sizes (AA or AAA) and different technologies (NiMH or NiCd) at the same time. The test mode makes this the best battery tester / charger possible!
You can set the charge rate at 200mA, 500mA, 700mA or 1000mA for all four batteries AND 1500mA or 1800mA if you are charging only two batteries.

Suitable for charging any rechargeable AA/AAA battery with capacity up to 3000mAh

The iCharger is bristling with technology including full -dV intelligent charge control and thermal charge monitoring, bad cell detection, short circuit protection, overload sensors ...
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BC-900 is awesome, so presumably this is even better. Batterylogic are also very good
Use code for £5 off the above 022041-NB & this code 022041-8E
and this 020559-NB
and this 020531-89
Oh can only use one code. lol
I don't think any codes above work!!
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was looking at getting an eneloop 'bundle' (the one with the eneloop charger) from 7dayshop.

is this charger THAT much better?

main use of batteries will be
3xaaa in the L7 lenser led torch
4xaaa in a bosch laser measure
3xaaa in a ETI 840 moisture meter

then a load of aaa and aa for wii remotes, board & tv remotes.

at this rate it's gonna cost around £100!
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