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Xbox one X 1TB Bundle Robot  White Special Edition £264.99 (New but comes repackaged with grey controller) @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)
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Posted 3rd Sep 2019Posted 3rd Sep 2019
Xbox one X 1TB Bundle Robot White Special Edition £264.99 (New but comes repackaged with grey controller) @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)£264.99
New and comes with Microsoft warranty 😁
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Fair enough,but screen burn splits HUKD. Some believe it does not exist while others have experienced it and associated warranty issues. I would not have an OLED screen myself due to my usage pattern.I would stick with Projector for gaming.


Ok lol i am more thinking about potential screen burn on my oled, I have not plugged in a game console in to it yet


Toss a coin.


I am unsure whether to get one and connect to my 65" lg oled TV in living room for the 4K or keep my current Xbox one and keep playing it on my 120" projector screen, but with HD.


no i just typed the serial number in on microsofts website. no need to activate anything.

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Origami Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof) £49.99 - Technoshack
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Posted 13th Dec 2017Posted 13th Dec 2017
Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Origami Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof) £49.99 - Technoshack£49.99
not a huge deduction but i think: currently the cheapest price delivery before xmas much cooler looking that the solid colour ones in my eyes i needed a new portable speaker - wa… Read more

I have one of these and I love it! The sound seems to spread to the whole room, unlike my Anker one which is good but the sound comes from one direction. The sound quality is great too I haven't tested the water proof aspect but it does come with a rubber ring that you can use to take it in the bath or pool

Logitech Z523 Speaker System  white (refurbished) £36.99 @ technoshack
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Posted 25th May 2015Posted 25th May 2015
Logitech Z523 Speaker System white (refurbished) £36.99 @ technoshack£36.99
Was looking for a new set and came across these at a pretty good price. Refurbished, very good condition and 3 months warranty. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse (Rust Red) from Technoshack £8.25
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Posted 25th Nov 2014Posted 25th Nov 2014
Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse (Rust Red) from Technoshack £8.25£8.25
I ordered this mouse yesterday thinking it was too good to be true. It arrived this morning as advertised. Cheapest I could find from a decent retailer. Hope it proves useful for… Read more

got this mouse today... not bad at all... no lag... works in linux,... happy days..


Just a heads up - Amazon are selling the Microsoft Wedge mouse on their Black Friday deals thing. The sale starts in 57 minutes time... Wedge Mouse @ Amazon


Had 1 of these for a year, really good mouse, feels weird to use the touch sensitive scroll. I got mine from pc world at a £5 !!!! must have been the last one ? wish ied bought a box full.


Well I run my laptop through my 55inch tv so I sit on the sofa with just the mouse and it works fine and that's about 7/8ft away from the little receiver I have this in black it's the best mouse i've ever used !!


Comment Sounds like you need a new mouse!

Logitech G19 Keyboard + Free Microsoft Mouse £85.99 Delivered @ Technoshack
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Posted 6th Oct 2014Posted 6th Oct 2014
Logitech G19 Keyboard + Free Microsoft Mouse £85.99 Delivered @ Technoshack£85.99
Good price, Logitech doing blemished box ones at £139.00 Free Microsoft Express mouse on orders over £30.00.

Screen in my opinion is useless. I never use it. I'd rather get a Razer blackwidow


old tech non mechanical typical Logitech hyped crap.


I think the problem with this keyboard has already been stated: It is not mechanical. Also, after recently looking into a new keyboard, I too was drawn in by the lcd screen, yet unless you are at the right angle, you are unable to see the info on it. It is more of a cool, but useless, design feature imo, and I'd rather have the clickity-clack of a good mechanical than a membrane-based keyboard with a screen.


I was convinced hukd was a place where people who had found a product or service at a great price and shared that information so that others who wanted that product or service could benefit from a cost saving. But apparently it's a place where products are reviewed and alternatives and better products are suggested even if they are at a higher price point. So it's basically tomshardware or I've had the g15 v1 since release and it's still going strong. It's been hammered on cs:s, dod:s, bf2 and mw1 for years without skipping a beat. The LCD is great if you want an LCD. If you don't want an LCD then you'd probably not be looking for this keyboard... I don't need a new one but heat added as it's the best deal for the keyboard. If u want a g19 keyboard this is a deal, if you're looking for a new car it's not. Perspective.


Money is better spent going for a mechanical keyboard

M600 Touch Mouse, N600 Touch Lapdesk, LifeChat LX-6000 for £35.74 Delivered @
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Posted 16th Jun 2014Posted 16th Jun 2014
M600 Touch Mouse, N600 Touch Lapdesk, LifeChat LX-6000 for £35.74 Delivered @£35.74
You get free earphones when you have £30 worth of items in the basket. To get it with the £5 discount you have to login and use code FIVEOFF. M600 Touch Mouse and Lapdesk bundle h… Read more

Got the same kit for a third of the price via hukd Great kit, bought a second kit now thinking about the 3rd kit

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Logitech G600 White Gaming Mouse £37.99 at Technoshack
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Posted 13th Jun 2014Posted 13th Jun 2014
Logitech G600 White Gaming Mouse £37.99 at Technoshack£37.99
Great mouse, brilliant reviews, and a good alternative to the Razer Naga if you want a mouse that'll last longer than 6 months. £43 on the site, sign up for the newsletter to get … Read more

No, they're not obliged to provide you with the latest version of the hardware. Not being able to flash the mouse is not a problem, you're only going to get a flashable (or flashed) replacement under warrranty if you are affected by an issue that the flash would fix.


Does anyone else notice that the left mouse button feels "squishy" compared the right one, which "clicks" properly. tbh I'm sure mine is a second hand one, the box had the big round seal stickers in the wrong place, and there was a small black mark on the mouse itself. Not happy with technoshack OR logitech tbh.


Ah you see my first email I didnt go into these details because i thought theyd be understanding since many people have had the same issue. Seems like i will have to pull out all those points out in the next email and see what they do. Thanks a lot mate!


I've just received mine, it is the unflashable version but I can't say I've initially noticed it being sluggish. It's a little less 'sharp' than my Sidewinder but some differences are to be expected from the softer feet material and heavier weight and that behaviour feels more physical than software to me. It's certainly nice to have buttons that respond instantly once more, and I can already see it's going to be a wrench to lose the third button once I come to replace it.


Well, they try to fob you off with that to avoid a replacement. If you politely remind them you've paid 40 odd quid for a mouse and that it should perform ever so slightly better than one you could pick up from Poundland, then they should be courteous. Refer to the thread, tell them it's a MANUFACTURER fault and that Technoshack have advised you they can not fix your issue. Remind them you need the mouse for your work or whatever, and that this is a lot of hassle. Ask to be referred higher up if necessary.

Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse Blue for £8.55 Delivered @ Technoshack
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Posted 22nd Apr 2014Posted 22nd Apr 2014
Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse Blue for £8.55 Delivered @ Technoshack£8.55
Excellent product reviews on Amazon and really cheap price here. Laser tracking, sleek styling, soft rubber grips, side-to-side scrolling plus zoom, and plug-and-play-setup. Come… Read more

Ordered thanks !

Logitech Touch M600 Mouse Bundle for £12.99 @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)
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Posted 16th Apr 2014Posted 16th Apr 2014
Logitech Touch M600 Mouse Bundle for £12.99 @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)£12.99
This deal ( got me looking. The mouse alone is £12.90 but with the Lapdesk for an extra… Read more

and you :) logitech have great customer service too, 3 year warranty, after the 1 year store warranty ends in years 2 and 3 logitech will just replace your faulty item


Lucky person who gets never ending supply of samples! Enjoy the 9p lapdesk! It is great even for just using as something on your lap as a hard surface to write with etc. See you at the next hot deal! ;)


Can't be bothered about the batteries, its such an amazing deal :) I have plenty of batteries that I got given to me as samples. The lapdesk is so lightweight :) the targus one I have has got air vents, but my laptop has a bulgy extended battery so that does not cause any problems in regards to ventilation, thanks again OP. My last message got deleted as I was trying to punch the tablet screen to do what I wanted it to do :)


I didn't realised the lapdesk came with a unifying received but my lapdesk came with batteries (duracells expiring 2018 with paper insulator on the contacts). My opinion is have a go at them regarding the batteries as I am sure the website said they came with 2x AA (mouse) and 4x AAA (lapdesk) and one unifying receiving (can't have a go at them if there is a unifying receiver in the pack). To some extent it is the principle of the thing. Even if they refund a £1 or £2 it still is a bit of a smack in the mouth for being sloppy.


Mine arrived via UK Mail, the lapdesks were opened and they kept the batteries/ unifying receivers :| I am guessing they expect us to use the ones that came with the mouse

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse £34.99 at Technoshack
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Posted 11th Jan 2014Posted 11th Jan 2014
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse £34.99 at Technoshack£34.99
Seems like a good deal.

At least it helps someone, seems unproductive for this site to make cold products you don't like, sure hit up a bad review for the comments but if you're looking for a certain product at the best price (which this is) then why make it cold. First deal I've found, guess it's a learning experience. Sodding "hand problems" i'd expect to get that from something else but nothing has ever surfaced.


You get some free Logitech Ultimate Ears 100. I've been looking for one of these thanks. Its all about the gestures, not moving the thing around. Its kinda like having a touchpad.


Doesn't look at all ergonomic, I would imagine you'd end up with hand problems using that.


I tried one at Maplins and it was terrible, and why you'd pay £35 is beyond me


I dont see how anyone could find the design comfortable

Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 Headphones, Was £169.99 now £82.99 delivered @ Technoshack
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Posted 27th Dec 2013Posted 27th Dec 2013
Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 Headphones, Was £169.99 now £82.99 delivered @ Technoshack£82.99
Appealling to those wanting heavy bass performance but clear sound through the range. These also have noise-cancellation, One of the best headphone deals out there at the moment!
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...but do you trust ebay to have genuine ones?


They are cheaper on eBay

Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000 £14.99 Delivered @
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Posted 29th Nov 2013Posted 29th Nov 2013
Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000 £14.99 Delivered @£14.99
Best price I've found for a mobile mouse 4000 online. Has Bluetrack technology and 4-Way Scrolling.

Yeah good stuff, had mine for 2 years or so can't remember when I last changed my battery.


My all time favourite mouse.... just realised how sad that sounds. :)


I paid a tenner for mine in a price match discount at comet (vs staples) it's been a good mouse, no problem at all with it. where did you find one for £4? I could do with a spare one for other machines


A good mouse but this is expensive as I bought mine for £10 off ebay about 6 months ago. I didn't think that was a hot deal at the time and just a reasonable price. I'm sure you can get this mouse with a keyboard for £22.


I think you are unlucky. I own two 3500, one for more than 1 year and one quite new. very happy with them and no problem at all.

MS Express Bluetrack Mouse £3 delivered @ Technoshack
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Posted 23rd Oct 2013Posted 23rd Oct 2013
MS Express Bluetrack Mouse £3 delivered @ Technoshack£3
Tracks on almost any surface and you never have to worry about batteries. Designed just right Effortless comfort when posting and tweeting. BlueTrack Technology Works on just abou… Read more

Fully compatible with a Mac. You can download the necessary drivers from here if you need to


Will this work with a mac?


has 1m cable still same price


Got mine pretty quickly. Look at the bottom of the mouse, does it have "2011" under P/N PID? Looks like they might have been sitting in the warehouse for a while. but it is still a very good mouse as I am testing it out today at work.


Bought a few and received next day. Quick delivery! Still the best price for this mouse as far as I can tell.

Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Cordless Gaming Mouse £40 @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)
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Posted 13th Jul 2011Posted 13th Jul 2011
Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Cordless Gaming Mouse £40 @ Technoshack (3B-IT Ltd)£40
Lowest new price around that I can see. Specs: 2.4 Ghz Wireless Connection - Reliable wireless connection built for lag-free play. BlueTrack Technology - World's most advanced t… Read more
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Seems to be expired now, the other links still work so will leave it live for now.


Yep all as it would be retail


I'm liking it so far, size takes a bit of getting used to


This is the best gaming mouse I have ever used :)

Pioneer XWNAC1, dual iPod/iPhone speaker system £116.10 @ Technoshack
Posted 8th Feb 2011Posted 8th Feb 2011
Pioneer XWNAC1, dual iPod/iPhone speaker system £116.10 @ Technoshack£116.10
Hope I've posted this correctly. Pioneer XWNAC1, dual iPod/iPhone speaker system with shuffle and integrated Bluetooth. The double dock lets you connect two iPods or iPhones and c… Read more
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