Technosonic 37" LCD TV 2 HDMI In store 699

Technosonic 37" LCD TV 2 HDMI In store 699

Found 5th Nov 2006
Was in store again today so confirmed my post of yesterday.
37" model is 699.

1 person was in store trying to get the manager to swap for a better brand ast same price. Must have had a faulty unit and store run out of stock overnight.

Apparantly other local stores have stock.


Hi GDawes, I was in my local Tesco today and were out of stock of both 37" & 32", but the 32" on display only had 1 HDMI connection. Are both HDMI connections next to each other or is one on the side of the TV?

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All the packaging and matrerial on the box in the DVD case you take to check out says 2 HDMI , as does the stickers on the screen of the display set.
Could nbot see the back of the unit.

This could be one reason the person was returning the set.
Now wondering if labelled wrong.
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