Techwood 22" LCD TV Built In Freeview £159.00 @ Morrisons

Techwood 22" LCD TV Built In Freeview £159.00 @ Morrisons

Found 28th Dec 2009Made hot 29th Dec 2009
Available instore only


this one has a 2 year garuntee. 19" is £139 i believe & theres also a 32" for £249

theres also a 19" neon with built in dvd player for £149

Anymore details??

Thanks. What sort of inputs does it have? Does it have headphones? How many scarts? Thanks.

brilliant, am actualy looking for a small tv for the bedroom (ideally with a USB port so I can watch simpsons or something from a memory stick before bed)

they had both of these offers in Cambourne (west of cambridge) Morrisons today in case anyone's looking.

Only 2 HDMI on the 32" model, I don't imagine it'd be fantastic quality but plenty good enough for, say, a Wii or for (spare) bedroom.

Just bought one for my sons bedroom, picture quality is good and has a single Scart and a single HDMI socket plus component and the usual Audio Line outputs/SPDIF etc and a headphone socket.

A great little TV for £159, only struggling to pick up more than half a dozen Freeview channels but that might have something to do with the snow!
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