Techwood 26" LCD TV with Freeview £229 @ Morrisons
Techwood 26" LCD TV with Freeview £229 @ Morrisons

Techwood 26" LCD TV with Freeview £229 @ Morrisons

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Techwood 26" LCD TV with Freeview


Any ideas why this is voted cold?

Good question. Why is this cold?

as above, just seen these in my local morrisons, seen ok (DVD feed)

Can't find any reviews either

I too was interested in this when I saw it in Morrisons. However, after looking for reviews I discovered that historically Techwood TV's have quite a bad rep for going wrong and their after sales appears to be non-existant. There appears to be some horror stories on avforums.com. I hope I'm wrong and somebody comes along a posts here a more uptodate review of their tv's.

I bought one of these TVs last night - never heard of the make but thought that at that price it was worth taking a chance on. It seems like a great set to me - had it up and running within 5 mins, sound is great, picture is superb, Looks just like a samsung to me....

It has 2 scart sockets, 2 HDMI sockets. It tuned itself in, freeview and terestrial.

So far so good - it has PiP and PaP and various other things - haven't read the instructions yet........

Lets hope it remains good..... I do believe that you get what you pay for, if it lasts a year I'll be happy.

Are there any contact details on the instructions for Techwood?

Hi, does anyone know the spec of this TV, such as the contrast ratio and brightness or if it has the likes of a samsung type panel in it? Looked at one out of the box today and it was very nice. There is a phone number with it from morrisons which seems to be specifically for support with this TV.


Does anyone know if this monitor has a DVI-D connection?

anybody got a model number of the set?

Right, ditto, looked good initially but it has now started to go wrong, only purchased 1st week of March 2009, blue light on bottom left sometimes comes on but more often than not just wont play, tried the helpline who gave me a return code but Morrisons wont take it back without the receipt[ I know dumbo, saved it in a secure place but quite where that is I dont know] it would appear I have to go back to Techwood to see if they can help, round of applause for the young customer advisor at Morrisons though, very helpful and pleasant

BEWARE they are absolute rubbish. And dont buy from Morrisons...their aftersales is terrible.Mine lasted under 3 weeks ...Morrisons saying I should ring a "helpline" I dont want help ..all I want is a refund. The sound quality is terrible....very very tinny.Yuk yuk yuk.

Bought mine in Dec 2012 one year on and its dead, but....just phoned the help line(as it had a2 year warranty) and they will send a courier in the next 24 he's with a replacement!I call that good service!(hopefully)
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