Techwood 55AO3USB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV £449 @ AO

Techwood 55AO3USB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV £449 @ AO

Found 6th Sep 2016
Was just looking at some large screen 4K TVs and saw this. Personally I'd only go for a big brand TV, but if you're on a budget then this will take some beating I'm sure! 4K 55" Smart TV for £449 is pretty amazing!
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Don't suppose anyone has one of these and can comment on the 1080p downscaling after a cheap 4k for my man cave but need it to run the Xbox one OK at 1080p
At least it's not one of those unknown brands like Onkyo.
I have 40" same turkey made factory one from AO. I use mine as a Mac mini monitor and bloody great.

Smart side is absolute pants , need Amazon on there and hack for kodi would be nice.

I got a techwood 55" from AO last Christmas ended up with 5 faulty one that kept turning off and flashing and blacklight issue
This is more or less identical to the Coop 55" Digihome that was posted a little over a week ago for £349 (with code) These Vestel TVs all use the same chassis whether its Techwood/Digihome branded or the Panasonic CX400 series. I ordered one but came to my senses and cancelled it.

As mentioned above these TV's are plagued with issues (48"-55") such as flashing backlight, locking up and a very buzzy backlight driver when set to anything but high or maximum.
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