Techwood Earphones £3 @ Morrisons

Techwood Earphones £3 @ Morrisons

Found 6th Apr 2014
-As far as I'm aware this is a usual price but still a good one-
-Comes with spare tips-

I'm very sceptical about buying cheap earphones cos you never know if they're good (and I'm not one to read specs etc.) but got these as a replacement and have no regrets.

These headphones are amazing at this price. Probably won't impress audiophiles but should impress average listeners (like me)
The bass on these is superb for this price yet it doesn't wipe out the rest of the sound. Sturdy feeling cable and build quality.
At the end of the day they're £3 so no major loss even if you aren't as impresses as I was then no major loss
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I'm not trying to cause offence at all but why is this going cold?

These headphones are brill for the price. These even make my sennheisers sound "tinny"
possibly because people seem to think they have to spend 50 quid
True. I just got these as replacement pair for out and about. My last pair (Skullcandy Ink'd) broke so wanted to buy a cheaper pair just to do
" As far as I'm aware this is a usual price "

final last words when deal hunting for people they want a deal not stock alerts/RRP. Not voted either way I much prefer paying for a nice set of headphones personally
This is usual price. I've had 3 pairs over the last 6 months.

I fall asleep listening to podcasts/audiobooks and end up destroying headphones pretty regular. At this price I don't mind and keep a spare set for when one fails. I do have some decent headphones for listening to music though as while these are serviceable I really don't think they sound great, but better than you might expect for £3

Pros -
Comfortable (as comfortable as Sennheiser CX300's they seem to be based on)
Hold together reasonably well

Cons -
I personally think they sound pretty awful
The cord is constantly getting knotted and tangled, worst I've ever used
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