Teclast Master T10  10.1" Silver Android 7 Tablet £170.59 -  GearBest

Teclast Master T10 10.1" Silver Android 7 Tablet £170.59 - GearBest

Found 6th Oct 2017
A decently spec'ed Android 7 tablet at a flash sale price (don't try any of the Gearbest coupons out there - they raise the price!). Ships from their China warehouse, so there's always a risk of import duty/VAT/handling charges (could be close to £50 :-( ). I chose free Priority Line shipping, which is 8-15 days.

Apart from that risk, the only downers are the weird position/slowness of the fingerprint reader, the lack of a compass in the GPS, a "Chinese security app" that can't be uninstalled and no charger included (only comes with a USB cable). Still, this is basically half the price of equivalent tablets from the likes of Samsung and it's 16:10 (way better than 4:3 IMHO) at a stonking res of 2560x1600, so it could be worth a punt.

There's also 4 colours of folio case you can buy separately for £7.45. I'd put a second order in for the case - this one is low enough to avoid import duty. Wait for your tablet to ship first and you can use the 230 Gearbest points you get from that towards the case.
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Those downers are enough to put me right off, namely, the Chinese security app that you can't get rid of! Whoa. Well done for pointing them out though
... so it could be worth a punt.

If you mean one of these, then just about.

just after dumping a teclast x80 pro. Less than 2 years old.
no backup etc.
There's quite a few reviews and videos on this tablet:

I'm tempted!
Ignore the haters. I bought one! Use code teclastt10 for a little bit extra off.
Mine turned up this week (no import duty/VAT/handling charges - yay!) and it's quite an impressive tablet for the money. The screen is very nice (same res as my Tab S 10.5" - it's a toss-up as to which is the better screen to be honest) and I added a 64GB Sandisk micro SD card for 16.99 quid to bring the total storage to 128GB.

The fingerprint sensor is in such a stupid position though, that I'll never use it. In fact, I can't wait for my folio case to turn up to cover it up! Until I learned to avoid it, I kept accidentally pressing the sensor and it acts like a home button...grrr! The 13MP camera on the front (great idea to put the better camera front-facing on a tablet) is pretty good and looks ideal if you're into video chat.

There was an update to apply when I got the tablet, but it bizarrely uses a separate update app rather than doing it via an option in Settings. I downloaded the update, applied it and rebooted, only to find that although the build is dated 11th October 2017, Teclast haven't applied any recent security update to it! So, yep, it's still stuck with the April 2017 security update, ho hum.

Still, with my microSD card and folio case still keeping the price under 200 quid, I don't think you'll find any other tablet with these specs close to this price. Apple want 429 quid for their 128GB iPad that has a smaller screen, less RAM, lower resolution (and a hopeless 4:3 ratio) and worse PPI (and a worse OS, but that bit's IMHO of course :-) ).
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I got mine last week. Only 12 days from China so very impressed. I went with PostNL so it was tracked.

I'm getting on very well with mine, I love it's performance. One thing I wanted was decent headphone volume and I'm pleased to say it can drive a pair of hifi headphones decently. That and the lovely screen make it great for watching movies on. The speakers give out good volume too but it's not hifi. It's clear enough but a bit harsh sounding. They've put the speakers right where you hold in landscape mode but just turn it upside down and it's sorted.

The finger print reader should be nearer the edge but I find it very quick to respond. Battery life is proving good too.

Thanks for the heads up on this! What folio case did you go for? I'd like one with a good bit of protection ideally.
I have had one for the last two days. Very impressed. Anybody using SD cards with the Teclast Master T10? I have tried two SD cards and they show in the notification as corrupted. Device tries to format but both SD Cards get stuck at 20%. I saw a post elsewhere about a user could not get a Samsung Evo 64GB SD Card to be recognised by Teclast Master T10.
has this expired already?
As with a lot of Gearbest stuff, offers expire quickly but are soon replaced by others. The tablet is now under £153 so even better deal!
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