Teclast X16 Power 8GB/64GB Win10 + Android 5.1 11.6" FHD IPS x7-Z8700 64bit Quad Core 1.6GHz GPS eMMC £230.16 @ GearBest

Teclast X16 Power 8GB/64GB Win10 + Android 5.1 11.6" FHD IPS x7-Z8700 64bit Quad Core 1.6GHz GPS eMMC £230.16 @ GearBest

Found 11th Dec 2015
I was looking for a replacement for my old 10" Android tablet and wanted Full HD but also a bit bigger, eventually found these dual boot ones (X16) but it didn't have GPS. A bit more digging and found this "X16 Power" with an extra 4Gb and GPS to boot.

Seems a great price, legit store, seems very new to market though. Anyone with more knowledge of chinese tablets care to offer any of their wisdom?

Cut n Paste follows:

Main Features:
CPU: Intel Cherry Trail x7-Z8700 64bit Quad Core 1.6GHz ( up to 2.4GHz ) is equipped with better performance, delivering plenty of power for multitasking and fueling casual games and movies
GPU: Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor is better and faster in playing games and watching videos than the previous generation
8GB RAM + 64GB ROM: 8GB offers ultra-fast surfing online, video playing and 3D gaming experience. Whether it is needed for work, study or play, 64GB will suit your all needs
TF card: Up to 128GB ( not included )
11.6 inch screen: Teclast X16 Power has wide and clear screen, 1920 x 1080 ( 224ppi ) IPS screen offering good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web
Windows 10 + Android 5.1 system: Dual systems with more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect
32300mWh battery: Can meet the current, power and the temperature and increase the performance dynamically
Magnetic docking slot: High-intensitive magnetic suction makes it more stable between keyboard and Tablet PC. The speed of input is 3 times faster than Bluetooth keyboard
Bluetooth 4.0: Supports fast transmission of data, pictures and files
HDMI output: You could use a HDMI cable to connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors, creating your personal home theater
OTG Function: Can connect with keyboard, mouse, projector and so on
Gravity sensing system: Can fluently and sensitively run various applications
WiFi: 802.11b/g/n wireless internet
Other functions: WiFi/MP3/MP4/Calendar/Calculator supported
The keyboard leather case is for free, but the touch pen is not included in the package
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Teclast tablets are fantastic and I've bought from Gearbest many times. However, this seems expensive for a tablet from Gearbest. The remix i7 is an 11 inch, for much less. It's not fully dual boot out of the box (which I consider to be an essential feature - I'm on my third Teclast X98) but it's a nice spec device.

This one has a good spec but still seems pricey.

I'm on my third Teclast X98

Why on 3rd Telcast x98? Also which dualboot one would you recommend with a similar spec to OP's? £223 sounds pricey but like you say spec looks good.
Strange, a gearbest new technology deal going cold. Unfortunately you're in the minority requiring 8Gb.

If you can make do with 4Gb the same generation chip is available for $260 pretty widely. RAM prices are set to fall, my crystal ball told me

I wouldn't hesitate recommending gearbest but if possible I'd try the EU warehouse first as you'll get it a lot more quickly and easily.
Hi Roger_Irrelevant,

I purchased a mobile phone from GearBest in March and received it in October.
It was a Presale item that was supposed to arrive in June.
GearBest Customer Service find it very difficult understanding simple questions like "Where is my order?", this may be down to the translating app they use.
It was a nightmare but got my phone in the end.

I usually prefer to buy tablets and phones from FocalPrice.com and AliExpress as they are far more reliable sites.
But if the item is not in pre-sale and in stock then it was worth purchasing.


Why on 3rd Telcast x98? Also which dualboot one would you recommend with … Why on 3rd Telcast x98? Also which dualboot one would you recommend with a similar spec to OP's? £223 sounds pricey but like you say spec looks good.

Well the X16 Pro is 4Gb but lacks GPS, I though for a few more £10's of pounds get it all in this beast, should be fairly future proof with that amount of memory?
My first Teclast drowned unfortunately, but was perfect. By tweaking custom roms you can have a healthy 8GB Android and 24GB Windows 10 partition that works great on a 32GB tablet - these are stupidly cheap now.

After it drowned I bought two more, for myself and the family, with 3G built in.
64GB X98s are cheap enough also now but 32GB works fine and are about £80. Performance is adequate in Windows for Office, Outlook, Minecraft etc. In Android it works with everything I throw at it. I'm running the Remix custom rom for nice multitasking in Android, but have used it with Android 4 very well, and Android 5 fine (but no great improvement over 4).

I haven't encountered any need to recommend anything else, although there are very similar spec devices from Onda etc.

I think there are very few 11.6 inch tablets less than £200, but IMHO 8GB memory is only helpful in Windows, and you have to be realistic about what you need that much memory for - CPU is normally going to be a handicap before memory is.

And in the £300 range you can start to get a Surface Pro (I have a Surface Pro 1 which I still find fantastic, and that's a proper i5, so runs everything you need to perfectly). On eBay or with a student discount from Microsoft these become very easy to recommend - Surface Pro 1 is fine for the money, 2 meh upgrade, 3 great, 4 expensive. So if you can afford £300, I say go for a Surface Pro.These can dualboot Android X86 mostly very well (still issues with wifi but fixed with a £1 dongle).

But if you want a cheap but very versatile tablet, I think the Teclasts etc are good, but I wouldn't pay a £90 premium for a £30 keyboard and memory that is mostly window dressing on a device with a humble (but functional) CPU.

The 64GB of storage is easily supplemented by a 64GB MicroSD card, which only costs £10 from Argos!

Happy to help if I can.
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Cheers sasha1, good info. I did fancy the 11.6" but if you're saying there's 10" full HD ones with same chipset for a lot less then that's probably the way to go.
The teclast screens are better than full HD, so again, a great buy.
Do have in mind that the sub 10 inch tablets are nice consumption devices, but for proper work something a bit bigger (used with an external mouse) is a nice sweet spot. The 12 inch Macs are divine but we know how much those cost.

Normally some good reviews on here:
The X98 doesn't have GPS does it? I'd want that as I take it out and about and it's good to have if you get lost when walking.
Not sure if it does - I've never needed to take the tablet out for mapping purposes, although if it has 3G you may get network toward based location.
One of the few devices with the Cherry Trail x7-Z8700, so good to see them now arriving.

The best likely comparison is with one of the Surface 3's and at this price and specs I'd say this was far better value.

Shame it doesn't have wireless ac.

You even get a keyboard/case for free, which makes it even better value compared with the Surface.

Heat from me for the product, even though I would not use Gearbest again myself.

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I'm actually quite tempted to get this... Has anyone ordered one?
Otherwise can anyone suggest a better / cheaper alternative?

I'm actually quite tempted to get this... Has anyone ordered … I'm actually quite tempted to get this... Has anyone ordered one?Otherwise can anyone suggest a better / cheaper alternative?

I'm still researching before I take the plunge, things I'm trying to work out:

1) Not 100% sure it's got GPS, even the Power version
2) Might have Chinese only Windows 10 due to the screen size (MS charges differently apparently for anything above 10.6")

But with the keyboard case and dual boot, this looks to be very good hardware.
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