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Posted 13 July 2022

Ted Baker prescription specs or sunglasses - £37 with code - delivered @ SpeckyFourEyes

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Thanks to MSE code MSE37TED, there are varieties of Ted Baker prescription specs or sunglasses discounted to £37 from £145 and includes delivery

You don't need to change the lens type to make these sunglasses, instead both glasses and sunglasses will be featured on the page – you can use the filters to show you either glasses or sunnies. If you don't want them with a prescription, you can choose 'fashion' lenses during the checkout process. The code ends at 11.59pm on Sunday 14 August.

  • To get them cheapest, pick 'continue with free lenses' when asked to choose your lens package (stage four of the checkout process), as thinner or scratch-resistant lenses will cost £10-£126 extra. To avoid other extras and keep costs down, click 'skip step & continue' until you reach the checkout.
  • You can either enter your prescription during the checkout process, or opt to send it later. Some frames aren't suitable for high prescriptions, so keep an eye out when choosing.
  • Select 'Royal Mail Standard' delivery – code will make this delivery option free (normally £5.99).

More Information

  • You can use the code more than once but can only use one code per item, per transaction – so you'll need to make multiple transactions if you want more than one.
  • The code gets you free delivery (normally £5.99) and takes 7-20 working days. Standard lenses are included in the price of the frames, but bifocal or thin lenses cost extra.
  • SpeckyFourEyes says there are good stock levels available, but all frames are subject to availability, so they could still sell out fast if demand is high.
  • If you need to contact SpeckyFourEyes about your order, you can do so via this special contact page*.
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    Ordered some last time this offer was on. Glasses did not suit me and returned them for a full refund. Very happy with the service. Ordered some more now more options available.

    Remember to choose free standard lenses. You'll get an email offering upgrade to speckylens2 for £10.99. Well at least I have previously

    Replying to

    Yea haven't tried to negotiate further.
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    Nice choices but if you need thinned down lenses like myself it's actually cheaper to use Glasses Direct with the lens discount code. £59.99 for the lenses!
    Specsavers would always push me to pay the extra to get the thi ned lenses for my prescription, I'd always comply.
    But with specky I didn't bother paying for any thinning as I just wanted a pair of cheap spare glasses. Even without any thinning, they were as thin as the paid specsavers thin pair!
    I've ordered twice from specky, not paid for thinning and have been happy both times!
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    Link is broken
    Sorry, I think it is fixed now
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    Thanks, ordered some with additional varifocal lenses for £75 so £112 all in, pretty good. Let's hope they look OK when they arrive lol
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    Why do all my frames break in the middle , constantly having to buy new frames, Specsavers keep telling me it is the way I am using them. So looking for new frames and new lenses, again
    In a lifetime of wearing glasses I've never had any frames break in the middle.

    If you don't already make sure you use two hands and hold each arm when you put them on and take them off. That avoids unnecessary stress on the frame.
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    This will be old stock they are clearing out. Also be careful. If your glasses arnt sitting properly and fit you well you won't be looking through the right prescription.
    Thanks for your opinion but that's not true.

    All our glasses are made to the exact prescription that is supplied to us during the order process and frames can be adjusted at any UK optical store.

    These frames are all current season.

    Kind regards,
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    FYI - the standard RM delivery option comes up as £5.99 during checkout but isn't actually applied to the total.
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    I have almost too many existing non pescription sunglass frames (Ray Bans), is there some place I could send them to put my prescription into them, and is this economical vs just buying the frame and lenses outright? I hope that makes sense (edited)
    I've use Ciliary Blue in the past when I wanted custom prescription glasses & sunglasses, and have been very happy with the results. However they have since changed name to Reglaze glasses direct and I haven't used since changing but definitely worth a look.

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    Nice one OP!
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    Brilliant deal. Nearly got me, until I found 3 virtually new sets of glasses I never wear when looking for my wallet
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  13. Avatar
    Ones I chose were not included!
    Add code
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    Definitely adds up once you add lenses - seems you have to pay £50+ just to get UV400. The biggest scam is that frames etc cost next to nothing but they charge us a fortune. I'd still be tempted but I think the glasses are too narrow for my massive face.
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    Do any of these online glasses companies have software to check a photo with the glasses?
  16. Avatar
    Ordered 🏽
  17. Avatar
    Ordered thanks
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    Just ordered 2x pairs for under £100. Only annoying part is I had to do two separate orders for the voucher code to work... Apart from that, happy days! 🔥
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    To clear a few things up (based on previous FAQs):

    Processing times

    We aim to process promotional orders within 30 working days (please note; Bank Holidays and Weekends are not working days)

    Where we are

    We are based in West Yorkshire; right here in the UK. Our labs are also in West Yorkshire (again, in the UK)

    Okay, so I’ve seen the processing times and I agreed to them when I placed the order but I still want my glasses quicker

    Just call us on 03448 20 20 20 to discuss our Fast Track Service with us.

    We hope this information helps.

    Kind regards,

    Your Specky Team
    How much extra does fast track cost? @SpeckyFourEyes (edited)
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    Where can I get my prescription done ? And what are the charges any idea ?
    I am an international student here so have no idea
    Specsavers or boots opticians are probably the most common places. Try and ask your university as they may have vouchers available.
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    People are reporting this as not working! I can’t check myself at the moment as I’ve misplaced my
    prescription ! Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks in advance.
    12237292351658175796.jpgworked for me just now (edited)
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    Code doesn't work anymore. I was waiting for a call back from their c.s


    Replying to

    Yes... It works now

    My mistake
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    @Random1234 The code ends at 11.59pm on Sunday 28 August
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    Would be tempting if it included Polarised.
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    @SpeckyFourEyes Hey, sorry to ask, I see on your website under Special Offers that there is a "HDUK 27" selection of glasses. Can I ask what this promotion is please and if there is a discount code associated to it (I tried "HDUK27" to no avail). Thanks
    Looks like it was an error as it's since been removed - no worries about answering, glad I could help
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    Anyone know if the ar reflective coating is on both sides of the lenses as back glare is a major issue for me
    The coating is on both sides if the lenses are clear .

    If you have tinted lenses it will only be on the outside.
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    Some OK looking frames, annoyingly I ordered some 2 weeks ago and they just shipped.
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    Any non-nhs eye tests available?
    Should be. Opticians don't exclusively do NHS - they do private as well.
    Should be available in most of your high street opticians.
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    Personally I'd add the transition option for £50 on top of the normal glasses. Best of both worlds!
    Don't like transitions as after arriving at office there would still always be a bit of a tint and also ended up with Panda eyes 😜
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    click on get deal and nothing happens
    You need to filter them on RHS
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    Can anyone point me to the Sunglasses in the description. I can only find speckyfoureyes.com/ful…tml where I need to add tint to make them sunnys. Comes out at £52. Would rather have for £37 if I'm missing a trick?
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    Get ready for a 7 week wait
  33. Avatar
    So how much are these with normal thinned ‘sunglass’ prescription lenses??
    Please call us on 03448 20 20 20 and we'll help
  34. Avatar
    Can someone link me the gold pair from the screenshot? (Sunglasses)
  35. Avatar
    Code not working for me, is it only on some of the Ted Baker frames?

    If so, which ones?
    All the ones in the link
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    Any ideas which frame is the first picture? Seems like most of them have nose pads which I'd rather avoid.
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    Does anyone received theirs? Email said 7-20days, and we are getting really close to the 20....
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    Mine arrived just now and I am quite disappointed as my vision is worse with them! They are not the same as mine (same prescription details were provided). Has anyone got similar issue?
    Please call us on 03448 20 20 20 and we'll help
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    This offer hasn’t expired yet
  40. Avatar
    Ordered 21st August and delivered today, basic lenses with the specky2 coating. Nice quality and good for the price