Teddy Together Nintendo 3DS Game. £12.99 @ Argos / Ebay

Teddy Together Nintendo 3DS Game. £12.99 @ Argos / Ebay

£12.99eBay Deals
Found 24th Jul 2017
Take care of your very own walking, talking teddy bear! You can feed, dress and play with your new found friend with the touchscreen mini games. This inquisitive little bear loves to learn and will ask you questions. The more teddy learns about you, the more your friendship will grow!

Suitable for the Nintendo 3DS.
Play mini games via the touchscreen to cook for your bear. You can also feed Teddy but be careful if his food is too hot you will need to blow into the microphone to cool it down.
Life as a Teddy can get messy and he loves to take baths and stay squeeky clean.
This little bear is very inquisitive and wants to learn about friendship. The more of Teddy's questions you answer the closer you will become.
For ages 3 years and over.
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how is pointing out a better deal "spam"?

how is pointing out a better deal "spam"?

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