Ted's sale has started
Ted's sale has started

Ted's sale has started

Just got this in my emails you never know theer may be a bargain in there (:


how come this is -7.6?

Wife got some great bargains at the Ted Baker outlet store in Bicester today. Jumpers labelled up as $250 US Dollars were reduced to £25. She bagged 3 of them.

Thanks for the pointer Ted Baker stuff is quality and noremally high priced. The sale helps a bit ;-)

Ted Baker stuff is quality

You must be joking. I've had to return two pairs of cuff links because they fell apart, a watch because one of the hands fell off and a belt because the buckle came off. The Ted Baker shop at bluewater wouldn't do anything about the watch because I didn't have the receipt even though they could tell how old it was by the batch number on it (7 months old).

The only Ted Baker item I've had that hasn't gone wrong is my wallet but I don't get that out very often

Hopefully everyone will have more luck than I've had with TB products...
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