Teen Wolf / Teen Wolf 2 Too DVD Boxset at HMV only £2.99

Teen Wolf / Teen Wolf 2 Too DVD Boxset at HMV only £2.99

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Found 2nd Jan 2008
Michael J Fox (Back To The Future) and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development)

In 'Teen Wolf' teenager Scott Howard is sick of being so average. He plays for the basketball team and never wins anything, he can't get served beer and the best looking girls seem to stare right through him. Then, one full-mooned night, he goes through a number of physical changes above and beyond the call of regular puberty. He's suddenly a hit at school - but his new found popularity with the 'cool' kids in class begins to effect his relationship with his old friends. In 'Teen Wolf Too' Scott's college-bound cousin Todd, a bookish freshman, carries on the family tradition. His full-moon transformation brings him girls and glory but, once again, a conflict of values.

The two TEEN WOLF movies, the first starring Michael J Fox as the high school werewolf basketball player Scott Howard, played by Jason Bateman in the follow up.
TEEN WOLF: Scott Howard thought he was an ordinary teenager. But he soon realized, he's anything but average. The high school basketball player has noticed his body going through pretty odd physical changes. Growing excessive hair on his hands, ears and back has made Scott a little nervous. But rather than fight these werewolf tendencies he's gonna make the most of them. Who knows, they might just make life at school a little easier.
Scott Howard inherited the family werewolf curse in "Teen Wolf." Now, Scott's college-bound cousin Todd, a bookish freshman, is carrying on and his full-moon transformation brings him girls, glory and a conflict of values.


damn good price just for teen wolf
i remember paying £18 when it first came out - on import from the US

Ordered - Thanks! Hot

Sorry - Double post
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