Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heros Tri-Scooter £7.99 argos

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heros Tri-Scooter £7.99 argos

LocalFound 15th Jan 2017
Scooter for kids cheapest Av seen at 7£.99
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Scooters with 2 wheels at the back are practically useless as they constantly hit the kid's back foot. I wouldn't recommend one.
These are awful generic scooters, and lethal.
We got one as a present, it went to the tip.
Although expensive invest in something with two front wheels. Top of the range is Micro-Scooter but worth every penny.
I should clarify lethal.
All the weight of the child is on the front wheel and they lean forward when pushing. If you hit a small hole or pebble, the child is flipped forward with ease and faceplants the pavement.
Even if not hitting anything it's unstable, and the child can wobble which means they fall sideways past the handlebars which has the potential to flip them off a pavement for example.
These also have turning handle bars, which the child has their weight on. So if they wobble they inevitably turn the handlebars sharply as they put their weight on one side, which flips them off.

You might say "my child isn't stupid", but the handlebars are low meaning it's meant for a very small toddler (max age 3) who generally don't have the skills needed to handle a small wobbly scooter like this. Anything taller and they're top heavy over the handlebars, so fall off easily.
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