Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair £55 delivered @ Amazon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair £55 delivered @ Amazon

Found 20th Dec 2014
Paid £100 from Smyths for this last month!
Brilliant price and you can get it delivered by Monday


Looks like flimsy tat

Fantastic price have had this in my amazon basket for ages waiting for the price to drop... now facing a huge dilemma as had finished my Christmas shopping, does he really need another £55 spent now?!!! what do you think the chances of it dropping loads more after Christmas are?!!!

my friend has this and tells me this is really poor quality and she has to keep re building it

Got this a couple of weeks ago as it was at the tops of my wee boys xmas list, but my friend got hers last year from boots in the sale and paid less than 40 so i would hang off if you can

My husband just built this today and tbh it's really fab. I paid £59 so not crying about the slight drop but it's definetely worth £60 so id go for it but does take a few hrs to build!

Thank you I've just got this but will save for my sons Birthday in Feb as has loads coming from Santa but I know he'll love this and been £99 for ages

Git this last year for £33 and it's worth about that, my wee boy loved it though he has most fun with the zip wire it comes with which I think comes in a set on its own now.

The quality is awful and it constantly falls apart, I bought last Christmas, not even worth £20 in my opinion

after reading the comments think I'll wait to see if I can get it for closer to £30 after Christmas, thanks!

I paid £60 for it and it's worth that it's huge and so many bits on it
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