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Posted 10 January 2023

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge free on Android/iOS for Netflix Subscribers

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Kick shell with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo or other familiar friends in this totally tubular ’80s-inspired beat ’em up. Cowabunga! They’re lean, they’re green and they’re mean! Battle as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to foil Krang and Shredder’s latest twisted plan. Brawl across a righteous range of classic TMNT locations in this beautifully rendered retro beat ’em up.
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  1. cameron.carter's avatar
    Mods edited the deal to be in the wrong category (Netflix rather than gaming), so I don't know how much attention the deal will get
  2. BARKMAN's avatar
    Amazing find. Been trying to decide if it’s worth buying on the switch so this will give me a good chance to try it out
    tommy.mcgun's avatar
    It is absolutely worth buying on Switch
  3. Pokkai's avatar
    How do they validate the Netflix sub?
    cameron.carter's avatar
    Netflix login through the app.
  4. Thejewk's avatar
    Mark_Thorniley's avatar
    You can do multiplayer online and host private games too
  5. nickyzizou's avatar
    Won't let me download on iPhone 6s.

    Nor on Apple TV - should it be available on there? Or is just for iPhone and iPad?

    Apple TV has other games from the iOS app store, but can't find this on there...
    Squaresausages's avatar
    List of compatible iphones
  6. Spangy's avatar
    Is this a mobile version of the latest remake for console?
    cameron.carter's avatar
    The latest release (it's not a remake), but yes.
  7. assad_Ilyas's avatar
    Can you connect a controller via Bluetooth for example on this version?
    Kingsley_Whybrow's avatar
    Yes you can according to the Google play store description
  8. dannyselecta's avatar
    This is awesome! thanks. HEAT
  9. mecheekymonkey's avatar
    Game won’t start on my iPhone 12, just keeps closing down after choosing profile
    ryanayr's avatar
    Won’t work if profile has passcode. Create another profile w/o passcode - worked for me.
  10. jco83's avatar
    Teenage Mutant *Hero* Turtles
    Mojomaster1979's avatar
    Pfffft, no.
  11. jasmith85's avatar
    Heroes in a half shelf (edited)
    cameron.carter's avatar
    IKEA power!
  12. ses6jwg's avatar
    How the hell is this top deal on the site?
    NoCare's avatar
    No way it should be 
  13. dbb298's avatar
    This game is cool but crude.
  14. reddeviluk's avatar
    BOOM.... I'll take that
  15. pirate1's avatar
    Excellent deal 🔥
  16. Chilpstark's avatar
    Nice but don't fancy touch screen controls on this
    ddv's avatar
    The game supports bluetooth controllers.
  17. helal94's avatar
    Oh this’ll be fun with my Razer Kishi. I hope it’s compatible.
    hotmep's avatar
    Compatible automatically with Razer Junglecat so should be with Kishi.
  18. TopBargainer's avatar
    I have to rate the OP for this. What a find! Man did not know Netflix did games 😬
  19. slybunda's avatar
    didnt know can get games for free thanks to netflix. gonna have to think about getting my own subscription.....
  20. IamChris's avatar
    great freebie, netflix are adding some great games. Will be sad to cancel my contract when they stop letting me share my sub with my family
  21. iamquitetall's avatar
    Netflix have loads of free films and tv shows too
  22. The_Guru's avatar
    Nice (edited)
  23. R2Pacman's avatar
    Thanks - downloaded. I don't tend to took in the games section on the Netflix app, in fact forgot it was there, but this is a nice addition.
  24. MikeyMike05's avatar
    Oddly addictive, form back in the day 🐢
  25. Vorb's avatar
    Grabbed this on the Switch when it came out. Great game.
  26. jeccius's avatar
    That's amazing, never knew that existed on Netflix, grabbed this and Into The Breach immediately. Shame my phone doesn't support Moonlighter otherwise I would have installed that too. Thanks!
  27. Smocular's avatar
    Thanks OP, I'm loving these game additions in the Netflix sub and this title is my favourite inclusion so far.
  28. simandoo's avatar
    Do you lose access to this if your netflix subscription ends?
    JohnnyBlazeon's avatar
  29. adam_1001's avatar
    Plays better than I thought on iphone mini - and like a few others, didnt even realise games via netflix was a thing! Thanks OP
  30. shak's avatar
    Is this part of the netflix subscription or to keep?
  31. jamrock's avatar
    Dopeee 🔥
  32. scoobysi's avatar
    Can’t seem to download this, even though iPad is IOS 16, says compatible with device on store page but then errors on download. Anyone any ideas?
  33. FreebieJeebie's avatar
    Not compatible on my iPhone X. Grrrrrr
    Jean54's avatar
    Yes just XS and above
  34. bug1baby's avatar
    Works well on Odin Lite / Retroid Pocket for those that way inclined!
  35. m1cr4's avatar
    Waste, need netflicks to play
  36. Micrometeoroid's avatar
    So if you dont pay for Netfilx can you still get this ?
    michael.boundary's avatar
    No, it’s one of Netflix’s exclusive games.
  37. Tri_Hard's avatar
    Heat added! Great way to play this game for free.
  38. MarkwJones's avatar
    Totally radical!
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