Tefal Actifry £113.05 @ KitchenScience

Tefal Actifry £113.05 @ KitchenScience

Found 28th Jul 2009
Tefal Actifry. 1 spoonful of oil for lowfat chips.

Ideal for fatties across the world. Also brilliant for not making your house smell of chips.

Obviously people will mention the watchdog report...............

Other than that a good deal.

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inb4 someone burns down their house
£112 for a fat fryer!!!
Would keep me going to the chippy for over a year!!:oops:
Cold from me I'm afraid:whistling:
theres something chipping away....btw havent voted

£112 for a fat fryer!!!Would keep me going to the chippy for over a … £112 for a fat fryer!!!Would keep me going to the chippy for over a year!!:oops:Cold from me I'm afraid:whistling:

Oh dear...
another who doesnt get the point of this site.
Great product, reduced fat on chips although it would be a lot more healthy if you didn't eat them! :whistling:
lolling @ the tags...
Surprised this hasnt come down in price by now still too expensive.
Thanks for the heads up about the watchdog report.

We're happy with ours. Does fine chicken drumsticks (and peels the skin off too, as it churns them round). Paid more than this for it though :-(
I love my actifry! No smells or dirty oil i need to get rid off. use mine to make wedges with olive oil and also frozen samosa's etc from tesco.

Makes perfectly brown sausages that don't split.

So hot it's burning (according to watchdog reports)
my dad had one of these - he took it back after first use because it took blimin ages and the chips were rubbish.
Cheaper in Costco
These make great chips, and they are as healthy as pretty much any food. 1 tablespoon of olive oil and some potatoes makes for a healthy meal. Low fat, but still crispy and tasty.

Cheaper in Costco

I got one from Costco. It was marvellous while it worked, but It blew up just after the year's guarantee expired. Sale of Goods Act does not apply to wholesalers like Costco, so caveat emptor.
Can you cook other stuff (other than chips) that you would normally deep fry in these things?
We borrowed one of these from my in laws and its great. Fantastic chips which you can make with olive oil so much healthier than normal ones. I'll definitely buy one when the price is right but they're still a little pricey IMO.
Dont vote the deal cold just cos you think it'll burn your house down or you think its a lot of money for a fryer - its a reasonable price for the product though I think I'd pay another few quid to buy one from Amazon.
If you think it takes too long to make chips you're doing it wrong. It takes no longer than turning a fryer on and doing them the traditional way.
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