TEFAL GH806115 ActiFry Plus Fryer - White £89.99 Delivered @ Currys

TEFAL GH806115 ActiFry Plus Fryer - White £89.99 Delivered @ Currys

Found 24th Dec 2015
The Tefal GH-806115 ActiFry Plus Fryer in white provides you and your family with a healthier way to enjoy fried foods.

Uses less oil, stays versatile

While we need to take greater care to look after ourselves and our loved ones, there's no reason not to enjoy all kinds of delicious food if it's prepared in a healthier way.

The Tefal Health Fryer offers you the chance to do just that, needing only a spoon of oil to deliver 1.2 kg of real crispy chips.

As well as chips, you can use this flexible fryer to prepare curries, stews, stir-fries and more. For times when you're in a hurry to cook, it becomes a surprisingly all-inclusive solution.

Locks in goodness

As well as providing a healthier cooking option, this great Tefal fryer requires new oil each time you cook, so it preserves the nutritional quality of your food far more effectively than conventional fryers.

There's no need to shake or stir during cooking - the G-H806-115 ActiFry features a patented hot air system and comes with a unique stirring paddle to ensure that food is evenly cooked.

Enjoy dynamic, economical and above all, healthier cooking with the Tefal GH-806115 ActiFry Plus Fryer.
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im looking to buy one of these but do these make anything like fried chips? I use a halogen oven to bake them but i miss the fried taste.
They make very nice chips , taste very similar to fried chips, Mc Cain oven chips come out very nice
I thought the image was one of those angry bird characters
Chips come out very nice

im looking to buy one of these but do these make anything like fried … im looking to buy one of these but do these make anything like fried chips? I use a halogen oven to bake them but i miss the fried taste.

Had one since the model first came out.
They make really nice chips but the downfall is anything battered.
The rotating arm tends to take off the coatings once they start to cook
I got one for Xmas primarily for making home made chips. Quite impressed with it using it tonight. Only downsides I can see so far is it is quite larger, bigger than I expected, and it will consume more electricity. Took 30 mins to make 2 x large plates worth of chips. Bit longer than used to, but I consider that reasonable, all things considered.

Upsides are numerous, ultimately more healthy, will save on Veg Oil as hardly using any, and can cook more chips than I could in the chip pan. Less hassle to, without having to dispose of all the oil. Easy to use and easy to clean. Recommend.
I think the chips are great. The kids hate them. I've had mine just over 2 years and it's starting to fail. Makes nice roasters, but you need to try different potatoes as the paddle does mush some up. Quite a few reviews saying they do fail quite a lot, but since I got mine much cheaper than this courtesy of a hukd post I can't complain. It's also very easy to take apart and clean, but does take up a lot of room in my cupboard.
I have on of these, but the mini version (2 portions)
I love chips coooked in 5ml oil

Depending on the season, some potatoes are less well suited to chipping!

The first models have a rotating arm with a design flaw which breaks at the end where it goes thin.
My Actifry Mini resolves this problem with a better designed paddle.
I think the Model with the domed lid resolves the problem too, looks like a better paddle.
Always soak the paddle well to ease cleaning, and get a longer life out of the paddle which can be replaced with spare parts.

not sure why many people use the chips from the supermarket which has oil added to it and feel they didnt add oil.. I had same impression befor till some one told me that while making they add oil..
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