Tefal Jamie Oliver Survival kit - Camouflage Blue for £20.99 was £70 Back in Stock

Tefal Jamie Oliver Survival kit - Camouflage Blue for £20.99 was £70 Back in Stock

Found 26th Dec 2007
Also use code " BLITZEN1"

I bought this 3 weeks ago for 49.99 £

The Jamie Oliver Survival Kit by Tefal is a godsend to those who are not lucky enough to have a huge kitchen yet demand quality equipment when preparing their latest culinary masterpiece.

Obviously the most appealing aspect of these pans is the ability to save space as they will only occupy as much valuable space in your cupboards as a regular wok would. Not only will these pans save space but they will look good while they are doing it, as their unique blue camouflage design is a welcome change to traditional cookware.

However, one should not assume that the Survival Kit is merely a gimmick. The appearance and extra cupboard space should perhaps instead be viewed as an added bonus. The survival kit benefits from the technology and expertise that all Tefal products do, allowing it to compete with other top end cookware available.

The "thermospot" is a small ring in the centre of the pan with lines that disappear when the pan is at optimum temperature to cook with, ensuring that you can achieve that perfect dish every time. It should be noted that these pans take very little time to heat up, and reach this optimum temperature in no time at all, be it a dry pan or boiling water. Once your food is cooked you can then simply remove the handle and place the pan on your table ready to dish up.

Once youre done cooking with your pans and have enjoyed the delicious meal youve slaved over, there is probably nothing less appealing than standing at the sink, hand washing your lovely, shiny pans. But they deserve to be cared for and looked after, right? Surely a dishwasher would ruin them? This is not the case. The Jamie Oliver Survival Kit is completely dishwasher safe, coming up sparkling clean and unscathed every time.

All in all this is a superb set of pans, perfect for anyone who is short on space or simply desires some more aesthetically pleasing cookware to spice up their kitchen. The quality of the pans is excellent and worthy of the Jamie Oliver name - James Early, Amazon.co.uk

Box Contents
# 26cm Wok
# 26cm Frypan
# 20cm Saucepan
# 2 Glass lids with silicone rims(20cm & 26cm)
# 1 handle.

Also use QUIDCO
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If you bought it from Amazon, contact them and ask them to refund the difference
(see ]this thread)



...Also use QUIDCO...

quidco & amazon? please explain. thanks.[/SIZE]

If you bought it from Amazon, contact them and ask them to refund the … If you bought it from Amazon, contact them and ask them to refund the difference (see ]this thread)

I just e-mailed them, thanks. I love this site!
Don't forget the 30% discount on kitchenware!

Add "BLITZEN1" at checkout - brings it down to a fantastic £20.99 with super saver delivery
Thanks for posting and for the discount code Courtster :thumbsup:
Nice find!
Thanks for the deal and code. Rep added for both. I needed a few new pans.
Crackin deal with the discount code used. I thought the code could only be used on selected items when i ordered the other day. But its just went through for me on this set.

Have just re-ordered my La Chasseur set i placed the other day as i hadn`t used the code.

Well pleased. Heat added.:thumbsup:
Great find!

Thanks very much!
Great find but I couldn't stand it having some TV assclown cooks name all over.

People, anyone can cook well - we don't need muppets to tell us how easy it is. Hell, we've been doing it since we moved out of caves.
Just purchased with the code! you should update the title to show it!

many thanks
Cheers and thanks for the code, although Amazon isn't on Quidco.
He reminds me of Del Boy in the demo video!
thanks op, just bought one for my mum.

PS. quidco doesn't have amazon...?
Voted hot.
Ideal for camping!

Go through nectar for 2%
Fantastic find, the missus will love this. Many thanks for the code too!
As others have said, there is no Quidco for Amazon, but you can get some referral via cashback-rewards.co.uk
Just ordered. Thanks to the OP.

Couldnt find Amazon on Quidco though??!!
just ordered, thanks to OP and for the 30% code

heres a review:

originally priced at £70 (overpriced for me) now at a reasonable £30, and £20.99 with the 30% off code

nice one, this site has recipe ideas: hackthekit.co.uk/
Wow, thanks op. Just right for a new students room. Takes up such little space and can be kept safe.
I am trying to buying a blender using code BLITZEN1 but it is not working.does the code only applied to selected products.?
not really a fan of Jamie.
ordered 1 , thanks
& merry xmas
Thanks, just ordered this.
Not a fan of the blue camo, but all that for £21 is a great deal!
Me neither but ordered this, thanks & thanks for the code.

FYI, I found the Jamie Oliver cooking stuff isn't really great quality at all. I had one of his woks and the non-stick started peeling off after a month (and yes I know how to treat non-stick stuff properly).

But that was £50 for just a wok, £20 for this is still a bargain.
Does it not come with a guarantee?
im sure it does. most non stick stuff comes enough warranty/guarantee.

Great set of pans for camping.
Ordered 2 sets about 12.15.

I see there all gone now.
Usually I miss the bargains but not today :thumbsup:

Used the Blitzen1 code and it worked fine, thanks for that.

2 sets and free delivery for £41.98.

Can anyone send me a copy of the order ?

I failed to get the print out and now the product is out of stock

I am going to make a claim for the difference

if anyone is willing to help me with this please PM me :santa:

I would really appreciate.

Its a wonderful bargain for those who have grabbed it :thumbsup:

It was my first post here i am happy that it was Voted HOT :gift:

Awaiting your help with screenshot or reduced price email so i an prove that the price was reduced


not really a fan of Jamie.

You're buying the pan not the man..Tefal are a decent make
great offer this glad i snapped a set up
Excellent find. A steal for £20.99 [with the discount code]. Warmed the pans for you.
bargain all gone now... i didnt get any..

But that was £50 for just a wok

£50 for a wok? ^_^ goto a asian supermarket and get a proper wok, of far better quality for £5-£15.

Tefal means non-stick so I'd not bother with this either, get some decent pans. Most pan sets will fit in the space of a wok when stacked too.

Can anyone send me a copy of the order ?

Hi Getharoon,
Just sent you a PM fulfilling your request. Check it out. Good luck!
Used code and received the discount, Great! thanks.
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