Tefal Krups Dolce Gusto £62.99 del - (further discounts possible + 7% Quidco) @ Empire Stores

Tefal Krups Dolce Gusto £62.99 del - (further discounts possible + 7% Quidco) @ Empire Stores

Found 29th Oct 2007
Krups Dolce Gusto machine is currently £62.99 in Empire Stores catalogue. Next cheapest is Amazon at £74.99.
However I went through several of the codes available and eventually 1 was accepted that gave me an additional £15 off. I received a confirmation email price of £47.99 - Quidco takes about 4 days to track at 7% so if that goes through that could be another £3.30ish off too.
I'm not listing codes as there are so many, just check out the voucher page, however if you are a new customer, there is a link on the home page for £15 off your first order over £30.

Even if you can't get a code to work then £62.99 is still a good price if you are after one. Well I think it is anyway.

Quidco has tracked already at £3.36 and delivery should be Nov 1st.
If it all happens, I've got myself a bargain as they are going for more than that on Ebay.
If not then I may will again at £62.99 as with Quidco that would be under £60, and this thread
is still valid by the looks of things.

Hope it helps someone
- topbanana2803
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Anyone got one of these and care to share their thoughts?
Can you use other pods?
Is this or the Tassimo the one to get?
I think the Tassimo does Hot Drinks i.e Tea or Coffee, whereas the Gusto only does Coffee variations (and Hot Choc soon). I only drink coffee tho' so that's why I went for it.
I bought this machine a couple of weeks ago from Empire and I have been very pleased with it, it looks very cool & in my opinion gives you better than Starbucks coffee at about 40p a cup. It takes about a minute from switch on before you get a very hot cup of premium coffee. If you’ve never used a pod machine before they take a little practice to get right (& you will probably waste a few cups in the process), you use two coffee pods for a latte or cappuccino (a whitener pod and a coffee pod), for example for a cappuccino you stick the white pod in the machine & turn the handle and you fill the cup up until about 2/3rds full, you take the white pod out & then stick the coffee pod in & then fill up the remainder of the cup, you get a nice creamy drink with a premium coffee taste, totally unlike instant coffee or the instant cappuccino you can buy (which I could never go back to now, yuk!). The smell it gives off is pretty cool, very coffee shop. You also get a surprise bonus box with the machine including a china cappuccino cup & saucer, a glass latte mug & a coffee selection box (worth about 4 quid) plus they will send you a voucher for another free box of coffee when you register on the internet. You cannot use pods from other systems with this. Best of all, as none of the coffee flows within the machine itself (only water) it doesn't require any cleaning apart from the odd wipe if it gets splashed. By the way, the box this comes in is huge! I thought that my courier had delivered a 1970s VCR by mistake when she turned up!
I must agree with you mpwheatley, I've had my machine for a week now, and love it, I have tried loads of coffee machines, this one is a lot easier, and quick to use and clean, with no mess - a bit on the expensive side for pods, but worth it for a good cuppa.
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