Tefal Non-stick Unicorn 25cm Pancake Pan Bundle £12 C+C @ Asda George (also Owl Set)

Tefal Non-stick Unicorn 25cm Pancake Pan Bundle £12 C+C @ Asda George (also Owl Set)

Found 11th Jan 2018
Posted this a few months ago & they went oos, now back in stock just in time for Pancake Day!
I know this is a bit niche & I fully expect it to go colder than my husbands heart (said no to a 4th St.Bernard called Humphrey) but if you have kids like mine, this will make them melt into a heap of jelly!

They would demand pancakes daily if I bought this! But I would be the best mum EVER, so tempted for the kudos



Create your own unicorn pancakes

Tefal’s new range has the outline of an unicorn so you can create your own edible art like a pro. This pancake pan comes with a squeezy bottle with a precision tip to ensure your pancakes are drawn to perfection. Simply wait until the pan is at cooking temperature - indicated by the Thermospot that will turn bold red - draw the outline so it has time to brown, before filling in the gaps with the rest of the mixture.

Adding a splash of fun to the kitchen, the bottom of each pan has an enamel, glossy finish with a colourful illustration of a Unicorn. The ergonomic handle also ensures that the whole family can enjoy tossing pancakes without fear of burning fingers. Tefal’s new and improved easyglide non-stick coating, which is 50% more effective than previous coatings, will make pancake flipping even easier! The range is also dishwasher safe and compatible on all hob types.

• Create your own Unicorn pancakes
• 1 x Squeeze Bottle
• Dishwasher Safe
• Thermo-Spot that turns fully red when the pancake pan has reached optimum temperature to start cooking
• Ultra Resistant enamel exterior for hard wearing use
• 2 Years guarantee on the main body of the pan and a lifetime guarantee on the non-stock coating against blistering and peeling

They also have an Owl version HERE


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I need this in my life! (For my daughter of course) heat!
I need this in my life! (For my daughter of course) heat!
Wonderful thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm not even into unicorns but love these I put it down to my irregular choice collection
Does this need oil or butter to stop a pancake sticking?
I got the penguin one last year and was hugely disappointed that it doesn't actually make the picture on the pan, you get a squeezey bottle that you can do the outline of the pic with the pour more over the top, it doesn't quite work. It's a lovely non stick pan but unless this is different it is a bit misleading
And to answer your question it is non stick so shouldn't stick but I always use a little butter to get the traditional pancake taste
Got one last post and there was an owl one too!
Hahahaha! “colder than my husbands heart”
i don’t need a unicorn pan but had to comment to give full kudos for such a great comment
Great deal for Pans people
Brilliant find, thanks a lot.

I'm not gonna lie, we don't even have kids (yet, we are expecting though)
This was bought for my wife and I think she's gonna be overjoyed to unwrap it on Valentine's day (or use the pan to go PUBG on my arse)
The unicorn version is hard to find.
Heeeeeeeeat 🦄🦄🦄
ashman3333 m ago

The unicorn version is hard to find.

I saw what you did there heat added.
Oos again
owenjt22 h, 51 m ago

You can get a squirrel pan with a small jar of Nutella for £15 from Tesco: …You can get a squirrel pan with a small jar of Nutella for £15 from Tesco: Tefal 25cm Animal Pancake Pan With Jar Of Nutella £15 @ Tesco

Ooh may just have too!
Seems decent to me!
D'Oh! Too late!
its out of stock on the day I received this email!!
I know! What's really annoying is that it was £15 yesterday AND out of stock, and today it's now been reduced to £12 and it's STILL out of stock! By next week it'll be free.... and still out of stock.
BACK IN STOCK!!! At the cheaper price too. Get in there quick...
Well here are a few examples of the results you can get. The first two pics are one of my attempts, I have no idea what I did to end up absolutely cremating the hair. The other two were one of my wife's efforts, not bad except for a very bloodshot looking eye.

Lots of fun though, thanks lot for bringing this to my attention TC
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