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Posted 4 June 2023

Tefal Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer FR804140 - £77.99 Delivered (Members Only) @ Costco

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The Tefal Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer not only produces deliciously crispy results, but it also features Tefal’s world patented automatic filtration system, allowing you to drain, clean, store and reuse cooking oil mess free. Once you’ve finished cooking up your favourite fried foods, ensure your cooking oil goes that little bit further by simply turning the dial to “automatic filtration”. The cooled oil is then drained through a sieve into the oil box below, clearing it of crumbs ready for future use. All without an oil spill in sight!

Cooking with the Oleoclean Pro is just as easy. Turn it on; set the desired cooking temperature between 150°C and 190°C using the adjustable thermostat and, thanks to an immersed heating system, you’re ready to fry in minutes. Once cooking is underway, keep an eye on progress with the inbuilt digital timer and a handy viewing window in the cooking lid.

When you’re done the Oleoclean Pro can be fully dismantled and loaded into the dishwasher*, making cleaning up a breeze. Powerful, convenient, ingenious and easy to use, the Oleoclean Pro has everything you need for frying perfection.

  • Automatic filtration system drains, cleans and stores oil mess-free
  • Clean oil for each use as it's filtered after every cooking period
  • 3.5L capacity cooks up to 1.2kg of your favourite fried foods
  • Can be fully dismantled with dishwasher safe components
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • ‘Cool Zone’ area under the heating element limits bad smells and prevents crumbs from burning, ensuring food looks as delicious as it tastes

Model: FR804140
EAN: 3045387247829
Costco More details at
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  1. TakeMyCash's avatar
    Had this for a couple of years.

    - I liked the filtration system, was decent.
    - Does what it's meant to do as an electric fryer.
    - Liked the lid and the fact that it is usable both when the basket is in the oil or when the basket is propped on the clip for resting/draining the hot oil from the food.

    - Frying capacity seemed a little small. E.g. could fry chips for 2 people, any more and the oil isnt deep enough and chips sit on top.
    - The lid for the oil storage box is very flimsy, easy to bend and sits loosely on top of the oil container, there's no clips or anything to press it down onto the box. Have to manually hold/press down on the box moving or pouring otherwise the oil ends up spilling out due to the weak/loose lid. The box really needed to be designed with clips like you get on food storage containers, very poor design since used oil being spilt is really annoying.
    - Need to wait for the oil to cool down before filtering otherwise it seeps through for some reason.
    - Not specific to this unit, but personally think oil prices atm make home deep fat frying less appealing.
    crabby09's avatar
    You're spot on with the Pros and Cons!

    We are a family of 5 and I need to go above the max oil line to feed them all, and that oil box lid is the most annoying bit of the whole thing... I have to hold it closed to stop it popping off as I empty the oil.

    But filtering really does increase the life span of the oil, and stops any foaming/smoking as well as improving the flavour and not losing so much oil during changes. (edited)
  2. femxiii's avatar
    I have the baby version of this! It's a pretty reasonable deep fat fryer. It works perfectly for my family where we deep fry maybe a couple of times a month. Because of the oil storage it means we don't have to replace the oil nearly as often.

    One important thing I must recommend if you get one of these; there's a screw in plug to keep the oil in during storage, you unscrew it to pour the oil back in to the pan. When you are draining the oil out after use, make sure you don't put that plug in back in until it's full or the air can't escape the storage and you end up with oil everywhere! (edited)
  3. DarrylJohn's avatar
    Is this in store does anyone know and if so what's the price? Thanks
    ReggieS's avatar
    From the magazine, not sure if that means it's this price instore
  4. Deal_searcher's avatar
    I have this. It is a great fryer. However oil prices are so high these days and it is not exactly healthy so no longer worth using often now
  5. retrend's avatar
    These are really good, like an air fryer but way tastier
    adamski88's avatar
    nothing like an air fryer lol, literally the opposite (edited)
  6. Neostar's avatar
    This would be great for a chicken and chips fry up

    It's just a shame I'm not a Costco member (edited)
    maddogb's avatar
    i used yo be a fan of tefal but after using one of the genius air fryers, never again, shoddy bit of cheap, over priced kit it was.
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