Tefal quick cup - £49.99 @ comet
Tefal quick cup - £49.99 @ comet

Tefal quick cup - £49.99 @ comet

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Tefal Quick Cup - Hot water for your cuppa in just 3 seconds! The water is also filtered so it is cleaner and it uses just 1/3 of the energy of a standard kettle.
save on energy.
£10 cheaper than anywhere else and collect from store to save on delivery.


How much energy does a kettle use a year? it may pay for itself in savings!

reviews for this are very bad. best avoided :x

It doesn't give you boiling water, just hot. So no good for tea drinkers.

My GF's sister has one of these.......

awful, furry tea from this device. If you like horrible tea then buy one.

Makes a right noise as well (sounds like its going to take off)

Wouldnt buy for those 2 reasons

A kettle uses exactly the same amount of energy to boil a given amount of water. It is just as easy to save money by only boiling the amount of water that you require in a conventional kettle.
Tefal cannot defy the laws of physics!

The Quick Cup may supply water at a high temperature (not boiling) in a few seconds, but it takes a long while to fill a cup at a trickle!

If you like coffee at a hot temperature, this may be okay. If you drink tea, it is not boiling, so will not correctly infuse the tea.

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just cancelled my order after being torn to shreds there, some good comments there.

Very helpful. Thanks.

I've got 1,given it for free ( as the person i got it from said it was rubbish too),and agree with all the comments above,it's not hot enough for tea or coffee,it does'nt boil the water,it adds hot into the cold and the noise it makes is awful,it's now in the cupboard with all the other usless gadgets...not worth £50,buy a good effiecent kettle instead.:thumbsup:

I bought myself one for christmas and it was awful i used more energy heating the milk in the m/wave for a decent coffee and dont even try an hot water bottle
Good deal if you want one but i feel the tefal quick cup will fade away in time

I've got one, and both myself and the missus love it.

Great for if you only want one or two cups. Its hot enough for our needs, but neither of us take milk. In saying that we haven't had any complaints from visitors.

Also we have very soft water in our area, so that may affect the performance. It came with a filter, but we never use it.

I've added an image, and I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title. Thanks ]stephenjm.
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We've had ours for over a year now and love it (coffee drinkers only, so don't need boiling water), good price for shops but about £35 in Costco if you are a member.

we have one its fab, water is plenty hot enough!! never had a problem with it, no ones complained... in fact loads of people have bought them since using ours!


I bought one of these when they first came out........ my mother in law liked it to, and went and bought one days after seeing mine,(as she lives on her now she is widowed it made sense for her to have one) hmmmm... well her's broke before mine did, and then mine became faulty within 2-3 weeks later. We both ended up getting refunds.

The idea is good one, and its perfect for that quick cup of tea you can drink in one go staright away, so perfect if your in a hurry........ but if you have to make more than one, its time consuming and not good for making gravy using granules for an example either.......

personally, we have gone back to having a kettle.

ps, we both bought from different places, and both had problems with the heating element

I got one of these from a Mcarthur glenn clearance store in Derby for £29.99

Got to say its really good.

Yes it makes a bit of noise, but its for about 20 seconds while it fills the cup.

If you look at the electric meter when you switch on the kettle you'll see how fast it speeds up while its on, this quick-cup is the same, only the power is only on to the device for 20 seconds.

We had ours on the side along side the kettle but now the kettle has been demoted to the cupboard.

Comments regarding the boiling status of the water are true, its not boiling but nt far off at 96 degrees, we use twinings tea bags and the tea tastes just as good as with a kettle, ust don't put milk in before the tea is made.

I hope this is of use to people,

Now do I vote hot because it's a good price, or cold because it doesn't boil the water?
Well I suppose if this is what you are after then it's a hot deal. So I'll vote hot but I won't be buying one.

Utter rubbish especially in winter when the water you fill it up with is freezing cold,im supprised they havnt been recalled as for tea, pot noodle, gravy or making more than 1 brew they are rubbish and slow and noisy. avoid at all cost :thumbsup:

i like mine so voting hot like the water!!

but we only paid about £40 from argos last chrimbo?? maybe a better deal out there??

£30 at freeport in Braintree, it has been repackaged for some reason ...
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