Tefal Specific Stirfry 28cm wok £12 @ Amazon RRP £23

Tefal Specific Stirfry 28cm wok £12 @ Amazon RRP £23

Found 5th Aug 2010
I personally think Tefal are cheap and nasty (I use Berndes) but I suppose these would be good for students or for buying in bulk and abusing. Can't really complain at £12!


Cn't say I agree - I have a frying pan in this Specifics type with the 'expert' coating, and have to say it's the best pan we've tried so far - and that includes a lot of quite expensive stuff!

Treated right, I find the coating is awesome.

Shouldn't be expired - still available though says 3-4 weeks [usually a lot quicker than this in practice]

This pan is virtually half price!

+1 about exterial and interial quality. One of the best pans (my Fissler pan is better but 3 times the price)
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