Tefal Supra Cookware Set, 7 Piece @ Amazon £62.66 W/Code

Tefal Supra Cookware Set, 7 Piece @ Amazon £62.66 W/Code

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Manufacturer's Description
New Resist Interior Coating with Top Coat

Bonding layer – for maximum conductivity.

Anti-abrasion – barrier to resist abrasion.

Top coat layer – this layer reacts as an anti-scratch barrier which diminishes that scratches visibility after usage.

Finishing layer – provides a hard non-stick surface that ensures high performance cooking and easy cleaning.

Bakelite handles – stay cool handles that are oven safe up to 180c.

Durabase technology – provides efficient heat distribution.

Thermo-spot – Tefal’s unique heat indicator lets you know when your pan is pre-heated to the right temperature to seal the flavour in your food.

Tefal owes its origins to a Frenchman, Marc Grégoire, and his wife, Colette. M. Grégoire, a keen fisherman, wanted to make his rod reel in more smoothly and, in the 1950's, experimented to see if a non stick coating might provide the answer. It did! But it was his wife who made the real breakthrough by gently suggesting that coating the cooking pans would have a more worthwhile application by making them easier to cook with and simpler to clean. Now, Tefal is the number one name in non-stick products and small appliances, operating in over 120 countries. Tefal remains committed to making household tasks easier and cooking results better, through a constant flow of new ideas and technology.
Box Contains
# 1 x 16cm Saucepan with lid
# 1 x 18cm Saucepan with lid
# 20cm Saucepan with lid
# 1 x 14cm Milkpan
# 1 x 20cm Frypan
# 1 x 26cm Frypan
# 1 x 20cm Steaming Basket


Highly recommend the frying pans in this set, mine are 2 years old, but still look like new, and the non stick coating is excellent, never had anything stick yet!

tefal privilege 5 piece set was £62 in House of Fraser last week- maybe worth checking.

no good if you have an induction hob

I'm after my first set of pans for my new house.

Are these ideal and how good is this price?


I've read varying reviews of Tefal products, with the cheaper ones usually being less reliable (e.g. Non-stick coating coming off soon after purchase).
I have 2 Tefal non-stick frying pans, relatively cheap, and the coating on the larger one started to tear away after only 6 months light-moderate usage.

I think mileage may vary with these but I wouldn't buy a 'cheap' Tefal set again.


Had a few Tefal pans and I wouldn't buy them again, the non stick came off after a few months or so. If cooking everyday it's best to buy a Circulon set that would last you a lifetime, and saves you money in the long term by not having to replace pans.

Check your purchase, Tefal generally come with a lifetime non-stick coating warranty.

I have always been very happy with Tefal, tried some other (Judge, etc) - no comparison, Tefal won

code does not work :-(

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