Tefal supreme grill pan £10 *instore* @ Sainsbury

Tefal supreme grill pan £10 *instore* @ Sainsbury

Found 25th Aug 2016Made hot 26th Aug 2016
Went looking for this when it was posted at Morrison's for this price but it was £20 so I was pleased to see it for this price in local Sainsbury store


good find op, heat added

Supreme but doesn't work on Induction. Should he called inferior.

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Anyone found it at this price in another shop?

I got this and multiple other ones (like a fry pan) in Edinburgh.

PTFE /teflon causes cancer. Better use Ceramic.

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PTFE /teflon causes cancer. Better use Ceramic.

​Bacon causes cancer and that's what I'm cooking in my new pan so I'm a gonna either way!

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is another man-made chemical that is used in the process of making Teflon, although it is burned off during the process and is not present in large quantities in the final product. Teflon itself is not suspected to cause cancer." Just the bacon to worry about then ;-)
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