Tefal taste twin pack frying pan set 20cm and 28cm £8.00 at Tesco Direct

Tefal taste twin pack frying pan set 20cm and 28cm £8.00 at Tesco Direct

Found 17th Jul 2012
I know this has been posted before but saw it was in stock just now.
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I'm still waiting for my refund from the last time I bought these
Tesco Direct are a joke at present!
My last 2 orders were cancelled after being accepted and paid for.. . . order by all means, but do not bank on getting the goods!
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Thanks, will try again - order accepted again (in fer a penny)
I think if you get in early on here before it goes hot you have a better chance. For me when orders have been cancelled the money has always been returned on the same day.

Its always worth a go. If I hadn't I wouldn't have my Karcher pressure washer, kitchen utensils, weed puller and hopefully the garden sheers (if these get despatched over night!)
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Ordered thanks
I already got refund from orders on previous deal. ordered again.

As this deal was posted quite late, there's a greater chance of Tesco actually having some in stock.

I still have to agree, Tesco Direct is a joke atm, bad joke though.
I'm running out of storage space now....really must stop buying things found on here
it was instock last time i bought these,got cannot complete order email a few days later.
they had taken money though.
what they should do is email the people they declined to deliver to last time when new stock arrives.
but its tesco and there morons so they wont
We're sorry, but we're unable to complete your Tesco Direct order ...

Mine aren't cancelled...yet. I did order last night though when I posted this. Currently in 'confirmed' status.
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Just checked and they have been despatched. Result!

Hope others who ordered around the same time got some too.
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My account says it been dispatched, I pick it up on Thursday at the store.
Woop! Mine have been dispatched too, thanks so much OP been needing new frying pans for ages. Can't beat Tefal. Bargain price. Back up to £19.99 now as well!
Also dispatched here.
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