Tekken 6 £19.99 PS3/XBOX @ Sainsburys
Tekken 6 £19.99 PS3/XBOX @ Sainsburys

Tekken 6 £19.99 PS3/XBOX @ Sainsburys

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Tekken 6 at sainsburys £19.99 was looking for ps3 headset , also £19.99 online although out of stock


Good deal, great game

nice find! hot deal!

£19 at tesco

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online its £39.87 at tesco must be £19 instore

Same price @ ToysRus (instore)

not for ps3 though

I'm hoping this will go down further.


£19 pound in tesco as saw yesterday when i brought batman.... cold.... sorry

I bought Tekken 6 online from Gamestation for 20 pounds about 3 days ago, might still be there.

great offer!

very hot seeing as its out of stock and doesnt include postage
its at tesco for xbox 360 at £19 and online for ps3 with free postage for £20 hotukdeals.com/ite…hal


not for ps3 though

was that in response to my post that it was the same price in ToysRus ?

seen it on PS3 in ToysRus Dundee today for £19.99

wasnt that when i went in tonight

So am I reading this right? Instore it is £19.99 in sainsburys? I would buy it from Tesco online, however you can't return its product instore. I don't even have a ps3 yet, you see. And gamestation's price has gone up to £22.99.

Yep just got one for the PS3 today for £19 in Tesco.

Oh right, Tesco instore! Thanks, that saved me from going to the wrong supermarket, lol. Shall check it out in the cheam area.


wasnt that when i went in tonight

was that in response to ToysRus Dundee ?

I can assure you they had them today, several copies on a stand at the front door, another one I spotted on the same stand was Need for Speed (1st one I think) PS3 for £9.99.

More on display at main PS3 games section so looked like they had quite a few, never looked at Xbox360 though.

no i was talking about this deal for sainsburys


no i was talking about this deal for sainsburys

who is that in reply to ?

wish folks would quote the post they are replying to.....

Well i checked Tesco earlier this afternoon in Cheam. It was priced at £19! But it was out of stock

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