Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle (X360) £32.49 + 5% Quidco @ Coolshop
Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle (X360) £32.49 + 5% Quidco @ Coolshop

Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle (X360) £32.49 + 5% Quidco @ Coolshop

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i posted the last deal for this but ran out of stock immediately but now its back in stock

Back In Stock (49p more)


anyone ordered from these, could be tempted


anyone ordered from these, could be tempted

Don't let me sway you too much but the 1 time I used Coolshop I had my CC details stolen so I wouldn't recommend them.

that will do met hanks, only half tempted already have enough games but the wireless arcade stick was interesting

They're a pretty well known company, dont know anything about stolen cc details, but i know alot of people who are happy enough with them. I've only ever ordered 1 thing from them before and it arrived fine.

Ordered from them before and they reneged on the deal so have not been back.

Good price for this tho.

Decent price that

I would be wary of coolshop, they state on their website that they sell PAL versions of games only, although not neccasrily UK, definitely PAL european versions.

However the only two items i have ordered have both been NTSC versions.The returns service was faultless but a hassle nontheless

Thanks. Ordered one of these - will be handy for SF, etc.

My apologies, mine hasn't got the game.


£29.95 here.... … £29.95 here.... http://www.thegamecollection.net/tekken-6-arcade-stick-oem-xbox-360-hardware-p-3536.html?keywords=tekken

Thats just the stick on it's own...

EDIT oops, posted at the same time.
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Out of stock....Shame!

Coolshop is fine but this game isnt so great

Soso game, but sure thats a Hori pad too so well worth it. Prices for them were mad when StreetFighter 4 was out....next mad rush will be when Marvel vs Capcom3 comes out.Big shame deals not for the PS3 But giving it HEAT regardless

Is this square or octogonal gate?
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