Tekken 6 PS3 + 360 £13.94** Delivered @ Tesco Ent
Tekken 6 PS3 + 360 £13.94** Delivered @ Tesco Ent

Tekken 6 PS3 + 360 £13.94** Delivered @ Tesco Ent

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Namcos colourful fighting series makes a welcome return to consoles in this sixth instalment, featuring an updated character roster and dynamic stages. Starting in Japanese arcades and quickly spreading overseas, Tekken is one of the most popular and successful fighting titles to grace home consoles, with only Soul Calibur standing as its true arcade fighting competitor. Now onto its sixth rendition, Tekken 6 keeps the same colourful arenas, characters and robust fighting system, and introduces a number of fresh features to the beat-em-up formula. Most notably, Tekken 6 has been given a tight graphical overhaul, producing some of the most impressive visuals yet seen in the Tekken series. 40 individual fighters are now included in Tekkens line-up, each representing some of the worlds top martial arts styles. 34 of these characters come from Tekkens back catalogue, with favourites such as Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya joining six new combatants. Each new arena now contains destructible walls and flooring, adding an extra combat layer to each environment. With an extended character roster, a crisp visual overhaul and creative new stages, Tekken 6 is one of the most comprehensive fighters the series has to offer.

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Original Poster SuperEd

Damnit, not guna be able to resist at this price, thanks.

cool, ordered at this price

You can only use this code once, hence not working for me.


You can only use this code once, hence not working for me.

Make another account, same card, same address, different email. It works just fine.

how long at the game been out?


how long at the game been out?

October 2009.

It shows £16.40 now


It shows £16.40 now

The OP said use the code to get £13.94!!!!!!!!!!


It shows £16.40 now

People really NEED to start reading the OP's before complaining!
use code FTSL15-1 at the checkout to receive this offer
No brainer really!


It shows £16.40 now

use the code when checking out FTSL15-1, it will aply the discount.:thumbsup:

been waiting for this game for ages to come down to a reasonable price:thumbsup:

Great price. Was a big Tekken fan back in the days of TTT. 4 went off the boil a bit and I have 5 but never really got into it that much.

Have ordered this, I've been holding out but this is a great price.

But I have to say the amount of characters is intimidating, there's a lot to learn. I played TTT when I was in college, I have a job now and there simply isn't the time to get back up to the level I was then. Some of the characters (Lei, King, Christie, Yoshimitsu) have an absolute tonne of moves, it'll be hard just to get back up to speed with them with what's been added since TTT. Nevermind the new characters.

I think it might be best if they parred down the amount of characters and really tried to move forward fundamentally with the franchise for the next iteration. 5 was basically TT with more moves and characters and better graphics. From what I can see 6 progresses along those lines. I know most Tekken fans would be up in arms with my suggestion, but it's getting stale now, if that weren't the case I would have brought this on release.

Or maybe we need a new 3D fighter franchise as this and VF seem to be going down the same path of incremental updates. Back to 8 characters, but bring somthing new to the table, that's what I say.

Great find btw, heat added.

Thanks - just ordered as been waiting for this to drop

Edit - £1.11 validated through Quidco making total £12.83

Of course it's Tesco Entertainment so I dare say it won't arrive.

Great price the game is not even that old!

Cool. I've been waiting for this to drop in price

Just need a deal on a second controller now too!

ordered, ive heated you up op

Received mine, box all smashed up, opened and game had finger and dust marks on it. So it is going back.


recieved mine, sealed with no damage. have not opened the case yet

Mine came throught today, not sealed but disc looks new.
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