Tekken 6 (XBox 360) £14.85 @ ShopTo.net
Tekken 6 (XBox 360) £14.85 @ ShopTo.net

Tekken 6 (XBox 360) £14.85 @ ShopTo.net

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Tekken 6
While the Tekken series is known for its extremely impressive and intensely action-packed cinematic cutscenes, this one for Tekken 6 is surprisingly deliberate in its pacing, starting off with a long shot of a dusty old cityscape. Eventually a mysterious figure, whose face is concealed by a wide-brimmed hat, slowly appears, walking calmly. Cut to Jin Kazama getting sent careening through a wall...in walks Lili, looking smug. Jin struggles back to his feet and the previously described sequence with their fight plays. Hwoarang leaps off of his bike, which explodes...but during this bizarre entrance, Jin unleashes his hidden power, switching to his intimidating devil form. Hwoarang isn't fazed, though, and proceeds to kick some of the stuffing out of Devil Jin. So Devil Jin does what any winged fiend would do in this situation. He flies up, gathers a whole bunch of energy, and fires a massive beam of light towards a nearby tower, which cuts in half and collapses on his two opponents.


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4% on quidco aswell

why not ps3 at this price?:x
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