Tekken 7 £19.99 @ Steam

Tekken 7 £19.99 @ Steam

Found 21st Dec 2017
Yo, Tekken 7 got a 50% off on steam for PC !!!!!! Fairly new game and seems pretty awesome, better than paying full price
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You can buy the pc version cd rom on amazon for £16 with postage
Yep, I recommend the above ^ , though this is a good one for those who want it now, the Amazon one is a physical edition, my one came with the comic book from the Collectors Edition (it may be that the seller is dismantling Collectors Editions), points towards the Bandai VIP program (loyalty scheme) and is a digital code anyway (on a card inside). Was looking at getting the game about 3 weeks or so ago, it's been this price on Steam since about then too, seems like a pretty long sale!
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