Tekken Ressurection PSP £5.99 + £1.99 p&p @ Empire Direct **VERY LOW SUPPLY LEFT**

Tekken Ressurection PSP £5.99 + £1.99 p&p @ Empire Direct **VERY LOW SUPPLY LEFT**

Found 12th Dec 2008Made hot 13th Dec 2008
Fighting series, features over 30 characters, including Dragonuv and Lili, . with climate and time effects as well as new background objects, totalling 19 stages. Namco has a few additions exclusively for the PSP version as well, including time attack, practice and mini games, while ad-Hoc wireless play allows for multplayer bouts.

£1.99 delivery As well


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Its under their clearance. Once there gone price goes back to 14.99

I have this and it's a great game. Gamespot gave it 9.2/10 (uk.gamespot.com/psp…e;0)

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Last few left now get in quick

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Well the clearance stock keeps changing so don't know how long it will last

my god, a game on the psp!!!

seriously, I have one (many!) and it's a joke how many games get released on psp, hate to say dead console, but it's baaaaad...

This is one of the best games for PSP and its awesome!

Sells for £12+ on eBay so hot from me, will try and get one.


Seems like this has expired...

i got this from great universal as they sell it for £11 (probably still do) and i used the 50 quid voucher on 100 quid of stuff, so it was half price, so £5.50

or you can get it for £9 from littlewoods direct which isnt a bad price.
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