Teksta Robotic Puppy (Blue) £30 @ Amazon

Teksta Robotic Puppy (Blue) £30 @ Amazon

Found 6th Jul 2014
Selling for around £50 from other retailers. Has some mixed reviews though...

- New Hand Gesture Technology: He can walk, stop, sit, and perform his most spectacular trick of all - a back flip!
- Emotionally Intelligent: Teksta has a variety of eye expressions to let you know how he is feeling.
- Sound Recognition: Wags his tail and moves his ears when pleased to see you and walks to you when called.
- Touch Sensors: Pet the top of Teksta's head to make him happy.
- App Program: Create more Teksta tricks using the free downloadable app.


if you have to get one. get it from amazon for the easy returns, not upto the hype

my opinion anyway, adverts make it look great when it's not, again my opinion
Edited by: "ando" 7th Jul 2014

Says £49.99


Says £49.99

was £30, amazon must of decided enough to the £30
Edited by: "ando" 7th Jul 2014

it was also 30 on asda direct site , if anyone missed the amazon one
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