Teksta Robotic Scooby Doo Reduced to £20 @ Smyths

Teksta Robotic Scooby Doo Reduced to £20 @ Smyths

Found 15th Dec 2016
Teksta Robotic Scooby Doo.

Reduced in store from £59.99 to £20.00.

Online and in store.

Great Christmas present for the price


I wouldn't have known that was Scooby doo if you hadn't have put it in the post oO

Me too, looks nothing like Scooby Door or even Scrappy Door for that matter oO

much better present than that hatchanimal and at afar better price.

Wow how things have moved on it does less than those dogs of the 70/80s that would bark, walk and flip over.

why is this in the -??

Have Teksta ever seen Scooby Doo? Bad enough that the latter day incarnations make him look like he has annorexia ....

that's not scooby do. that's zuma from paw patrol. one of the new generation kids TV shows. well that's what it looks like to me anyway.
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This one is £10 in smyths, its puppy Scooby Doo or something like that. And it's also rubbish. Even my sons, who are usually great fans of digital rubbish, had tired of it by the first evening.

Scooby Don't ?!?
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