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Telegraph Sports Subscription half price - £20 for a year
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Hear me out! Seems like a cheap way to access their rewards (e.g. free hot drink at Debenhams, Gourmet Society, 40% off cinema tickets).

does this definitely qualify one for rewards? anyone confirm for sure? cheers


Isn't this only a sports news subscription?


Agreed time to avoid the news (y)


Seems like a good deal. Heat. Mind you I've stopped reading the new until Brexit is over. Wonder what they'll bang on about after that?


Don't forget the special funeral plan.

FREE Hot Drink on Weekdays via FREE Telegraph Rewards Card @ Debenhams
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th JunLocalLocal
Telegraph Rewards offer a free tea, black coffee, caffé latte, cappuccino, caffé mocha, espresso or hot chocolate at Debenhams Cafés/Restaurants on weekdays after 2pm. However, … Read more

Wow, that’s an excellent deal you’ve bagged (party) I too got a dead looking page once I logged in, but then went to check my subscription details and noticed the 2020 next billing date. I still haven’t cancelled my PayPal payment as I always feel awkward doing it too soon after signing up but I am not sure I can trust the 2020 date so hopefully wouldn’t forget to do it soon (lipstick)


I am a paying member of Premium (from the pay £50 and get a £50 Amazon gift card deal). Unfortunately I can't get my Vodafone code to work as it won't let me proceed once I sign in. :(


Thanks for that (highfive) In theory the expiry on the card should be next year only if you are in contact for a year or if it’s been paid upfront for a year, so check your next billing date as it might also be 2020 (nerd)


It's on weekdays after 2pm. You can use it as many times a week as you want (if Debenhams staff don't recognise you, you can go twice as they only check if the card is valid, not anything else). If you take the free trial out and print the card off, card expiry is 1 year. Is that what you mean?


Jamie, have you checked your next billing date, if your digital card expires 2020 than maybe there is a connection. I do hope it’s because of veryme, otherwise it would probably affect a lot more accounts and will get spotted swiftly. Back to Debenhams, do you know if it’s s free coffee a day or one per week. I can only gather that it’s a weekday offer but if it can be claimed every weekday it’s very generous indeed :D

Women's World Cup wall charts - Free at Telegraph, BBC, FA, and more.
51° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
These are great for the kids for keeping track of the tournament. All the links I've listed are free to download and print, but no doubt there are others. I've gone for the Teleg… Read more
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Toilet paper?


Luckily this is evidently not true. A quick google will tell you that women’s football used to get larger crowds than men’s games. It was banned by the FA, hence it’s decline and low levels of interest today.Thanks OP for the wallchart.


what does this even mean?

Discounted Dragonpass Airport Lounge Pass £20 with codes @ Telegraph Shop
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Came across these codes from a few years back and strangely they still work. Takes price for Heathrow T5 lounge down from just under £27 to £20

I used this code for last 2 years to buy 4 passes for myself & 3 others . We had no problem the 1st year (early morn flight) but last year the lounge was busy & they weren't accepting Dragon pass vouchers. We did get in after about half an hour, but having bought drinks in bar area we were "no better off". This year I bought them direct from Executive lounges Newcastle after they pricematched Holiday Extras price of £47.50 for 2 adults


Check fir credits cards offering free priority pass


I believe it's 12 months from the last time we used them


Great, thank you.


Is there a use by date on these passes? I haven't got any Hols booked for next year yet, so could I buy and use when ever I wanted?

One year's subscription to The Telegraph with 'free' Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition - £200
-174° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
Cheapest I can find Fitbit alone is for £135 (from Amazon), so deal value is based on whether you perceive the digital sub to The Telegraph to be worth £65. Up front payment only,… Read more
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(lol) This is hilarious, however im not sure how you didn't become amphibious in 2014.


I got my my first fitbit in 2014, it came with a years subscription to the Sun. Interestingly, I walked 4000% further than any year thereafter. I imagine with a telegraph subscription, I'd still get out to walk, but only to that one sequestered bridge that overlooks a stream wherein thoughts of breathing water are not instantly expelled from reason.

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1 years Telegraph subscription for £100 with a free £75 amazon voucher
-136° Expired
Posted 16th Dec 2018Posted 16th Dec 2018
Sign up to The Telegraph for one year, costing £100 and receive a free £75 Amazon gift voucher. Effectively making the subscription £25 for the year!
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I called them yesterday, £50 reward gets paid after 14 day cooling off period


Its the best selling newspaper for a reaon you know. The irony is, you spend £1.50 on a paper to make you feel intelligent, but the fact that you spend so mich on something you will throw in a bin, its quite frankly, extremely unintelligent


Judging by your previous posts, I believe you.


I subscribe now but worried you got no reward .


I took up the £50 subscription with a £50 Amazon voucher deal, still waiting for voucher. I really only did this to get the crosswords - and the crosswords arent included.

£50 Amazon voucher when you subscrible to Telegraph for £50 a year.
1029° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Get a £50 amazon voucher when you subscribe to the Telegraph for a year, costing £50. Assuming you'll spend £50 at Amazon at some point in the future, it effectively makes a year… Read more

Email them and they'll chase it up and give it to you, I had to do that for me.


Still not got mine (mad)


Same here, got the code today and it applied fine (y)


OK so I got a reply from them on Monday last week to say: "I am sorry to hear that you have not received your Amazon gift code via email. In the first instance we do ask that you have checked your spam or junk folder in case it has inadvertently been sent there. I can also confirm that I have passed your details on to our data team who will attempt to send you a replacement code as soon as possible. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused." I received a follow up email today with the code. Yet to redeem it but it looks like it's sorted (y)


Just called them on 0800 542 5860 to query my missing voucher, was told I should have received it by now so would be added to the "resend list" but couldn't confirm when I would receive the voucher as it's apparently managed by a third party.

£100 Amazon gift voucher when you sign up annual £200 Premium sub for Daily Telegraph
-217° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2018Posted 29th Nov 2018
£100 Amazon gift voucher when you sign up annual £200 Premium sub for Daily Telegraph
As in title. There's another HUKD deal currently with Standard subscription, that's £100 with £50 Amazon voucher. Standard is web access only. You need the Premium sub however, to… Read more
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That sounds exactly like the Premium sub and if so, is a bargain at that price. Considering the profiling and targetted advertising that's possible with the tablet edition, near zero delivery cost, no remaindered papers and save the planet, £1 per week is about right.


They seem to be getting disparate! Just had an email to rejoin for 50 quid for the year and get a 50 quid Amazon voucher. TBF this is very much like cash to me as I'm a serial amazon 'orderer'. Pretty tempting as effectively free for me and i do read their articles... Don't miss your exclusive offer Dear bellboys, Rejoin The Telegraph today to enjoy as many Premium articles as you like for an annual price of £50 - that's just £1 a week. Even better, if you subscribe today, you'll receive a complimentary £50 Gift Card. Your subscription gives you: ◆Unlimited access to Premium articles across all devices ◆The Digital Editions app, ready to read from 5am every day ◆Breaking and rolling news with our 24/7 news app ◆Exclusive events, discounts and competitions. Is this the sub that normally costs 200 quid?? Gone for it and it's the Standard Sub. Effectively free for me and no selling of free gift rerquired...


52, but makes no difference ;)


54 weeks?!


This is why the best way to use HUKD is, before you spend money search HUKD on your keywords. Read the deals based on your own preferences, not those of people who haven't any interest in the deal you're looking at. I also like browsing newest deals because there also, you can see things that interest you before they get drowned in a sea of video games and Bluetooth speakers.

Telegraph Subscription - Amazon voucher for £50 when you take out annual Standard Subscription for £100
-72° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
Telegraph Subscription - Amazon voucher for £50 when you take out annual Standard Subscription for £100
Noticed that the Telegraph are offering a £50 Amazon voucher if you take out an annual Standard Subscription for £100. Or a £100 Amazon voucher if you take out their annual All Dig… Read more
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I got my £50 voucher too, after sending a remnder email.


Just got the email with my £50 code.


Ah thanks for the response, I had it in my head that I'd received the Google home voucher by now last year but maybe it took a bit longer. I'll give them a bit more time :)


@thewhouse No word of it yet, but I've got it promised on screenshots. Will chase it after 30 days.


Don't Suppose you've got your Amazon voucher yet?

Telegraph Rewards Enjoy a free hot drink from Caffè Nero via the Nero app
607° Expired
Refreshed 9th Oct 2018Refreshed 9th Oct 2018
Telegraph Rewards Enjoy a free hot drink from Caffè Nero via the Nero app
Telegraph subscriber? To claim your voucher make sure you do so via the mobile version of the Telegragh Rewards page. This is mainly for those on here who took out the Telegrap… Read more
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I have O2 Nero codes I can give you the code if you can scan my card PM me Thanks


Lesson learned...use the paper stamps next time lol


Me too (lol) (lol) . You win some you loose some.


Something like that! The annoying thing is I had stamped cards in my account!


More than 20 then but less than 100 (lol) (lol)

Free Fitbit Versa worth £199 with a premium subscription to The Telegraph
-220° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2018Posted 30th Jun 2018
Not my cup of tea but if its yours it might help. Sign up for a £250 premium digital edition subscription to The Telegraph and get a Fitbit Versa worth £199. Subscription inc:-… Read more

Im still waiting and starting to wonder :/


Has anyone received there’s yet, I’m still waiting about a month and a half later.


I am tempted. How long are you waiting on the device for?


Good deal, but couldn't stand the shame of being caught reading the Torygraph (embarrassed)


Yeah I just checked and the Fitbit is £199. I suppose less than £1 a week, I might have a quick scan of the paper, particularly the sports.

Telegraph Premium Subscription one year for £100 (with a free £50 Amazon or John Lewis giftcard reducing effective cost to £50)
-224° Expired
Posted 5th Jun 2018Posted 5th Jun 2018
Telegraph Premium Subscription one year for £100 (with a free £50 Amazon or John Lewis giftcard reducing effective cost to £50)
Premium subscription includes: Unlimited access to Premium articles Telegraph Rewards Online commenting, debates and discussions Email newsletters and daily briefings Telegr… Read more

Yeah I do check out both most days, two different world views completely. Shame the Independent just doesn't have the amount of content required, probably the most balanced, apart from the FT, The Times is also quite good considering it's ownership. Unfortunately most of us like to belong to tribes and this leads to political and economic ping pong with resulting poor outcomes all round. Just my opinion of course :D


Unlikely. Red-top readers probably.




Good deal. Not sure why all the cold votes. Corbynistas?


This used to be 50£?

Telegraph printable (pdf) World Cup 2018 schedule
414° Expired
Posted 5th Jun 2018Posted 5th Jun 2018
Telegraph printable (pdf) World Cup 2018 schedule
I've looked around and this appears to be the neatest one to maybe pin next to your office desk. For those that aren't after the large wallcharts. Direct download link: cf.eip.te… Read more
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A bit late, sorry!


Has anyone found a decent printable (or with a magazine) World Cup wallchart that includes group tables to fill in? A Google search reveals that almost every wallchart omits this (what I consider to be) crucial feature! It's like there's a black hole disconnect between the group and knockout stages that sucks out the brains of almost every wallchart designer out there :-)


Excellent find OP was looking for something like this...Have some heat. 8)


Look exactly like all the office meetings I had planned. Coincidence? (y)


Thank you MUFCristiano :)

Free Cinema Tickets  -  The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society ( Tuesday 17 April 2018) for Daily Telegraph subscribers Free 30 days subscription
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Posted 14th Apr 2018Posted 14th Apr 2018
Free Cinema Tickets - The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society ( Tuesday 17 April 2018) for Daily Telegraph subscribers Free 30 days subscription
Get a free 30 day subscription to get these tickets Telegraph subscribers can claim free tickets to screenings of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society at a range of … Read more

True I just set the date. Not sure how to set the expiry time. I’ll check and see if I can do so.


Surely it expires at 18.30HRS and not 23.59HRS on April 17th?


Just subscribe get the tickets and cancel.


I know but I’ll probably forget to cancel to be honest 🙈


You can subscribe for a free 30 day trial . Get the tickets and cancel.

Its back free tea or coffee at Debenhams for Telegraph Rewards Card members
207° Expired
Posted 7th Apr 2018Posted 7th Apr 2018
Its back free tea or coffee at Debenhams for Telegraph Rewards Card members
This is for the many of us who took out the £50 Google Home offer and are unaware this free offer is now back, as it ended in March. Normally I just delete the Telegraph emails bu… Read more
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Oh dear :|


This is not really free, you have to pay £1 a week subscription


Do they bombard you with emails even after you unsubscribe? I got the Sun tablet offer on here years ago and have to unsubscribe annually from that junk even though it says 'unsubscribe from all future emails'.


The Gourmet Society bit is pants. It's a very limited number of restaurants compared to the ones on the full GS card and several of the ones listed for Glasgow closed down long ago or no longer accept GS cards.


Just shows you must check rewards, I didnt even know I had the Gourmet Society rewards on it.

free tickets for telegraph travel show in london  - feb 23rd to feb 25th, 2018.
179° Expired
Posted 9th Feb 2018Posted 9th Feb 2018
free tickets for telegraph travel show in london - feb 23rd to feb 25th, 2018.
Taking place at London’s ExCeL from February 23 - 25 , 2018 The Telegraph Travel Show is a must-attend event for the discerning traveller. Swap brochures and screens fo… Read more

Select the complimentary tickets, they show as £0 with no fee, just booked some for Sunday for my daughter and her boyfriend


Has this expired, when I follow the link it's asking me to pay for tickets ? Is there a code or anything - we wanted to go the bike show which is attached I think, free tickets would be amazing !


Went to one in Olympia a few years ago. Great if your looking to go somewhere off the beaten track, as you can talk to a few of companies that specialise in going to where you want go (we were to go to Zambia) under one roof rather than spend a lot of time trawling websites to then find they don't really offer what you want.


It's for those that want to pay the exorbitant APD by traveling abroad.


No, non-tax paying vile tories only......

Subscribe to Telegraph Premium for £100 per year and get a Google Home, worth £129
-224° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Subscribe to Telegraph Premium for £100 per year and get a Google Home, worth £129
Access Premium articles on and The Telegraph app Premium articles on Facebook and Apple News Subscriber-only events and exclusive rewards A Google Home worth £1… Read more

If you don't want it I'll have the subscription please - send me details


Already posted.


My MIL wants something similar for the FIL for Christmas, so I got the £50 deal in the hope I can get her a better alternative to a mini/dot


Voted hot as you are getting a free gift and if you buy the newspaper then it is a good deal. The only thing I am noticing on here, is that the community seem to be obsessed with Google Home/Hive/Nest/Alexa etc etc. I don't get it at all.


haha never even used my subscription just waiting for my £50 google home

Telegraph Premium £50 per year plus free Google Home worth £129
124° Expired
Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Telegraph Premium £50 per year plus free Google Home worth £129
This was listed earlier and then expired, but I have found a link that is still working, as I just bought it and received confirmation. Credit to neversay for the original post. … Read more

Can anybody please tell me the email address you received Google home from. I can't find anything :(


Received mine, great stuff!




You're welcome, happy days


You're welcome! Glad it worked for you

Telegraph Premium £50 per year plus free Google Home worth £129
2091° Expired
Posted 4th Dec 2017Posted 4th Dec 2017
Telegraph Premium £50 per year plus free Google Home worth £129
UPDATE: It's now gone to £100 plus free Google Home. Unbelievable deal from The Telegraph: Premium only £100 £50 £100 per year Access Premium articles on… Read more
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I also had the same call too - didn`t mention I got the google home last time. I might have been tempted if I got offered another! They must be pretty desperate....


Had a call from Daily Telegraph today. Initially offered another years premium for £50 then when I mentioned I got Google Home last time they said they could include another Google Home if I went ahead.


Cancelled mine, they offered £50 for another year if anyone is interested. Wish I could get The Times at that price.


just another emider post guys, I just cancelled via chat. very easy.


I cancelled the direct debit at the bank and sent Telegraph a quick email to cancel. Sorted.