Teletubbies my first Sit and Ride £6.99 @ B&M

Teletubbies my first Sit and Ride £6.99 @ B&M

LocalFound 14th Feb 2017
Found in B&M today. Checked online and seems to be around £15 minimum.

I've left reciept in car but will pop out to grab it and get a pic when littlest is napping.

ETA pic:
Hope it works!

Have built the ride on from boxed (easy to do) and is pretty basic in terms of function - plastic play phone to lift off in front of seat, seat lifts but not much space to fill it with random things (perfect for blueberries according to my 1yo) a handle at the back to push and pull, nice and lightweight, a bit short perhaps (age 1-2 max) and horn (squeak!) is a bit difficult for little hands but definitely worth this price!

Link is to Amazon for further product info :…7J6

Check out your local B&M x
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Mine was found in Saltash btw, sorry, missed that out as thought it would auto generate that info from form
Looks good. We bought a small, cheap similar looking one from Halfords when my son was 1. People said they were basic and easily broken but 2 1/2 years later ours is still being driven around happily - although his knees are practically touching his chin when he rides it! Has been far favoured over the more expensive Jake one he also had. Hope yours gets as much use as ours has!
Have some heat..
That's a bargain will check my local tmrw, thanks op heat added
I've just paid 25quid for a batman one from Argos!! This is a bargain!!
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