Tell No One [Blu-ray] £4.93  (other titles listed from £4.43).

Tell No One [Blu-ray] £4.93 (other titles listed from £4.43).

Found 4th Jan 2011
Actor-turned-director Guillaume Canet follows up his critically-acclaimed debut MON IDOLE (WHATEVER YOU SAY) with the conspiracy thriller TELL NO ONE. Eight years after his wife's brutal murder, paediatrician Alexandre Beck receives an unsettling email from an anonymous sender. The message contains a link to a video--shot in real-time--of a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his deceased wife. Could she still be alive? And why does she instruct him to 'tell no one'? Before he has a chance to lift the lid on this mystery, Alexandre finds himself at the centre of a massive cover-up, with the police desperately trying to pin the blame on him for his wife's murder. Like any good thriller, TELL NO ONE packs in plenty of suspense, intrigue, and a general distrust of the authorities. Based on the best-selling novel by Harlan Coben.


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Very good film


Very good film


Good spot.Great movie.


Is this film in English, or is it subtitled?


Is this film in English, or is it subtitled?

It's an american novel that has been made into film by the french (thank god!). It will have subtitles.
What an amazing film.

Prices gone up now.....

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Prices gone up now.....

Shame. Hope some of you managed a title or two.

gutted it sold out so quickly, one of my favourite films of all time. amazing film. praying there is no american remake.

Fabulous film....good post

Good deal but in the interests of balance I found the film a total disappointment - I am a big fan of Coben's books and was really pleased to see one made into a film at last.

Will have to watch the book is amazing
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