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[PC/Mac] The Walking Dead: Michonne - £1.16 - Telltale Games (More Walking Dead Reduced in Post)
Found 30th May 2017Found 30th May 2017
Telltale games currently have unto 90% off their Walking Dead range of games. The Walking Dead: Season One - £3.86 The Walking Dead: Season Two - £4.82 The Walking D… Read more
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It'll be their own DRM. No clue what its like but its the reason the price is so cheap. I'd assume its kinda like a GoG thing - ones its downloaded its effectively DRM free with no checks BUT you obviously need that initial check to get the thing installed.


Be wary of Telltale Store games, their support is bad if you have problems with their DRM.


It says in the bottom of the page: also available on Steam,, ... So I suppose it's not a steam key.


Yeah, was going to ask this too. I'd be all over this if so, though the price is suspiciously low so am thinking maybe it's just a standard download with no steam integration...


Any idea if it's via steam ?

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[iOS/PlayStore] Telltale Games Sale-From £0.79(Full List In Description)
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
These are the iOS prices All Episode 1 Are Free (Except Michonne & Batman) Full List: The Walking Dead Season 1 (£0.79 Per Episode or £2.99 For 2-5) The Walking Dead Season … Read more
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Still going. Sweet


Thank you so much for this. I've been waiting for a Telltale Android sale (how come their humblebundle doesn't include Android?) :( :)


Walking dead games & batman run great on iPad. I played season 1&2 of TWD on iPad 2 so anything newer than 2014 should run them more than fine. Batman played on an iPad Pro though so not sure what performance issues you'd have on an older one, as it's quick moving. Even the pro stutters occasionally.


How well do their games work on phones ? as they barely work on consoles.


Updated :), to buy all episodes ( 2-8 ) it's £9.99 (episode 1 is free)

The Walking Dead: Season 2 PC Preorder £13.68 @ telltalegames
Found 10th Dec 2013Found 10th Dec 2013
Telltales Games Season 2 of the walking dead is now available for digital preorder from their website. The title is currently $22.49, making it £13.68 (according to google). The … Read more
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Ended up ordering, I can hopefully get the disc to UK cheap. I am just wondering about import duties.


Yes. They are carried over, check the link I posted.


Will my saves from the Stream version carry over to the non Steam version or not?


If I recall correctly the cost of UK shipping the 'collectors dvd' is actually pretty large. I seem to remember it just not being worth it for me with past Telltale Games, but I forget the exact cost. Also the GMG key is just a Telltale key so it might still be eligible? Probably one to ask in the Telltale forums / contact their CS.


Will they be able to ship the collectors box and disc overseas?

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The Walking Dead and the Almost Everything Pack @ Telltale games $44.99 works out at £27.89
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Worth it for walking dead, bttf, law and order and Jurassic park The Walking Dead game and also get ALL of your favorite Telltale Games favorites for a discounted price in one sm… Read more
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these steam keys though or some other form of anti-piracy?


The walking deads a no brainer, sam and max and bttf are awesome games too!


These days, seems like this is just over the price of a new release... oO


Half the price of a new release, really ;p


Alot of good gaming for the price of one console game !

THE WALKING DEAD game for PC for £15.36 @ telltalegames
Found 30th Apr 2012Found 30th Apr 2012
THE WALKING DEAD game for PC for £15.36. This is the new episodic game, and the price is for the full series of chapters and supplied by download. This is £21 on Steam by compar… Read more

You can do it, use google to find an american address, nothing will be delivered since it's a digital download. Easy.


it it ok i will wait


Good spot, but unfortunately Amazon won't let you buy it without a US address :(


Can't say, as I didn't make the game :P Ask the developers?


yeah hope so looks a good game

The Walking dead game - 5 Episodes pre-order £14.22 or "almost everything pack" 9 Games £26.85 @ TellTaleGames [Chance to be an ingame Zombie] WAS £72.69
Found 22nd Mar 2012Found 22nd Mar 2012
Pre-order the 5 episode season of The Walking Dead on PC/Mac from the Telltale Store to get A 10% discount off the normal price ($22.49 instead of $24.99) Access to the de… Read more

A lot of cold voters for some reason?


Being passed around the internet. i guess they mean like torrent sites.


You can redownload as much as tou like. In the faqs it says that there is a limit but it is so big that you shudnt ever reach it, and if you do you phone them up n they increase it. They say its just there to stop the games


so technically i can re-download them as many times as I wanted , as long as I have the right log-in ? like steam? or just one of download?


Was really easy to download. All are stored in the 'my games' section and can be downloaded whenever. As for the games, i tried out the beginning of the puzzle quest games which are fun and i will def enjoy them. All of the sam and max's are great, love them. Im yet to try the others as just downloaded but have been told by a mate to try bttf. im sure me n the missus will enjoy them, especially at that price. Cant wait for the walking dead though :)

Sam & Max Complete Collection (Series 1-3) @ Telltale Games - use code D6K-FB8-L4T for $10 off  - £18.43
Found 28th Feb 2012Found 28th Feb 2012
Use code D6K-FB8-L4T for another $10 off. £18.43 according to Paypal currency conversion calculator £18.61 on Google conversion £34.99 @ Steam $39.99 ($29.99 with code) gets y… Read more

Thanks, good point.


Better! Worth noting that all the money goes direct to the dev through their site as opposed to Steam taking their cut. 5° is shocking, people have no taste!


[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]


Is this to be used with steam?


Any good with another $10 off? Code D6K-FB8-L4T

telltale games sale
Found 15th Dec 2011Found 15th Dec 2011
tell tale games are having a christmas sale for $9.99 you get season one two and three of sam & max all five episodes of tales of monkey island which i bought previously and is… Read more
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i've just got an email off telltale advertising this sale and i have sympathy for the op they do make it sound like you get everything for $9.99, i was about to post this myself but thought i'd better search first to see if i'd been beaten to it and came across this thread.


best deal was the 80% off code they gave out last year for back to the future pre-orders, got half the stuff in the store for next to nothing. They also had a 50% deal in June.


got a bit giddy and didnt check it out fully first prob going to take spanking on this post!!!!!!!


Not a bad price if someone absolutely must play these games today, but if not you should really wait a few days for the inevitable Steam Christmas sale when these will probably be cheaper and maybe in a bundle.


No worries fella, it's Telltale's fault for making it sound like you buy it all for $9.99! "for $9.99 download and play all these great games now"... tsk! :)

TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY SALE @ Telltale Games Get Full Season Of Tales of Monkey Island For $9.99
Found 19th Sep 2011Found 19th Sep 2011
Just got an email from telltale games saying you can now get the complete season of tales of monkey island on pc or mac for only $9.99 not sure what this converts to in pounds, bee… Read more

[ ] "Tales of Monkey Island" (episodic-based adventure consisting of five episodes) -> 1. "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal" -> 2. "The Siege of Spinner Cay" -> 3. "Lair of the Leviathan" -> 4. "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood" -> 5. "Rise of the Pirate God" BFN, fp.


Just read the email again and it says "This makes ye eligible for the booty that is the free collector's DVD (ye just hand over the gold for shipping)" so fill yer boots. Unless you have a wooden leg then fill your boot, ARGH!


[ ]

Register for free episode 1 of Back To The Future game
Found 2nd Sep 2011Found 2nd Sep 2011
havent played it yet, so no idea what its like.
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mac version available so have some heat.


I really enjoyed it but I'm a huge BTTF fan, it was so nostalgic!


Everyone seemed to rave about this, but I thought it was poorly executed and boring tbh :(


Downloading now, thanks! :D


Just got it, wait and see what happens :) thanks

Back To The Future 5 Game Pack now only £7.99 at the PlayStation Store
Found 31st Jul 2011Found 31st Jul 2011
Great Scott! Until August 3rd you can pick up Telltale Game's Back To The Future 5 Game Pack for £7.99 (usually £15.99) on the PlayStation Store via your PS3. To date only 4 episod… Read more

Bit of a problem. I can't download episode 5 having capitalised on the £7.99 price. PS Store seems to think I didn't buy this at all, but sure enough it shows up in my transaction history (BttF - *5 GAME SERIES* - £7.99). A little irritating to say the least! Anyone else having difficulties?


Awesome, will buy this when I get home.




Inb4 this is heavy (_;)


Or just one above your own :)

75% off Games and Merchandise @ Telltale Games.
Found 4th Jun 2011Found 4th Jun 2011
Excludes Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent 2. Prices are in Dollars but you can buy from the UK. These are the guys responsible for the likes of the newest Monkey Island, Sam a… Read more

Bought 3 games, no postage as they are downloads. Bargains!!!


Adding this to the original post, thanks 3Sixty.


Bargain! Got 2 bttf card games for £10.64. £12.99 each here!! :)


Guessing some debit/credit cards will charge their foreighn exchange fees too?


For those asking about Poker Night. It IS redeemable on Steam. Go to this link after you have purchased it: It will give you a different serial that can be redeemed.

Free Back to the Future Game For PC @ Tell Tale Games
Found 2nd Apr 2011Found 2nd Apr 2011
Telltale games are offering the first episode of Back to the Future completely FREE! All you have to do is sign up with them using any email (You dont have to wait for an email con… Read more
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Downloaded, installing now. Seems a great deal. Heat added.


this game was dull, but that's just my personal opinion, played ep1 on ps3 and it was very slow, still, you can't get better than free ;) (er, unless they paid you I guess, but that's not gonna happen)


£24.99 for 5 episodes but thats only the price now after the first 2 episodes have been released and just noticed that Direct2Drive are doing the set of 5 episodes for £15.95


this was never £20. The full season was £20, so this was like..a value of £4 (i think theres 5 eps)

Free Back To The Future PC Game Download @ Telltale Games
Found 21st Feb 2011Found 21st Feb 2011
Normally $8.99, the code "121Gigawatts" takes the total to $0. You need to enter your email address and a password. No bank details are needed. Links for both PC AND MAC. Enjoy! … Read more
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worked for me.. loved Tales of Monkey Island so been looking forward to trying this!!


Thanks! Nice one, on it's way down at 3.5mbps as well so nice fast download as well :)


Great freebie, downloading for Mac now :) Have some heat and rep!


will defiantly give this a shot.


Icklecat don't worry about it, I did exactly the same lol kept looking for UK, then I completely missed GB twice before I noticed it. Must be one of those days!

Sam & Max: Season 2, PC/Mac – £3.15 @Telltale Games
Found 31st Jan 2011Found 31st Jan 2011
Sam & Max are back for a second (and even better!) season of episodic games. What starts as a bizarre trip to the North Pole gets even weirder as the Freelance Police travel th… Read more
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Just ordered and both PC & Mac are available to download. Thanks op, great game at a great price. ;)


just purchased just hope i can download both mac and pc versions for the £3.20


does this require more power than tales of monkey island? As tales was near unplayable on my outdated pc when the scenery is moving- such as the first puzzle on the boat


Used to love that game....the good old days lol. -Kev


Nevermind, I got it working , doesnt support IE9 for some reason.