Temper Trap - Conditions CD or Download £4.50 @ amazon

Temper Trap - Conditions CD or Download £4.50 @ amazon

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Great album, well worth £4.50

The debut album from highly-acclaimed Australian rockers Temper Trap features very polished production, which gives thealbum a very big sound that compliments the band's pop sensibilities. Recorded on opposite sides of the world in Melbourne and London, Conditions was received very well by Australian critics upon its original release, and songs from the record have featured in numerous television programs. Precededby the single 'Science Of Fear'.



Best heat this hadn't I

Fantastic album, if you like their recent releases and dont have this already go buy......you won't be disappointed.


isnt it just a1 hit wonder though?
I think I had it a while back hoping for an album of 'Sweet Disposition' tracks, must have deleted it cos it was crap

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Best heat this hadn't I

lol, aye for about the 5th time!!

Hot, still don't understand whu you would download it when he CD is the same price though?

Bought this last week from Play for £4.49. Every little helps ;-)
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