Ten Pin Bowling - 2 games for 2 people for £11.45 (Less than £3 per person per game...)

Ten Pin Bowling - 2 games for 2 people for £11.45 (Less than £3 per person per game...)

Found 12th Nov 2006
Guys - I haven't been bowling in a few years, so you can tell me if this is a good deal or not - rate it or slate it with the vote buttons!

You can get 2 games of bowling for 2 people for £11.45 using the £5 off discount code below. This works out at about £2.86 per person per game.

Obviously with economies of scale, you'll offset the small postage charge - for example if you buy two sets, use the 25% off voucher code instead to get a bigger saving... etc etc. These can be used at your local Megabowl or Tenpin centre.

Promo code: 953195

Thanks to Stanley for pointing out the better code, to get a bigger discount on this deal (I originally had it with the 25% off code)


hi emma

in my local bowling centre it can be as much as £4 per person per game so it would be £16 for the two games.

not sure about megabowl!!

Its not a bad price for a couple of hours fun :thumbsup:

The better deal is two games for one for £4.95 using code 953195 and remember quidco.

Not a bad deal at all....I am a student and get games for £2.50 odd, but I know full adult prices can easily be as much as £6 per adult per game! So this seems very good

This looks rather good.. Thanks. But where can I find a list of locations of the non megabowl bowling places?

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Cheers for the replies guys. I did have an inkling that standard adult prices were probably more than that.

Stanley has made a good point - there's an offer for bowling singles on the buyagift site - if you buy them individually and use the £5 off code 953195, you'd get two games for one person for £4.95 delivered.

Although that code seems to be for a fiver off, I'm not sure if it can only be used once per account. Do you have any more details on it Stanley? And can you post that code in a voucher deal on it's own, as we don't yet have it in our voucher section?

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Second thoughts - using Stanley's code get you the deal in the OP even cheaper, so I'll add the code to that as well

It can be used infineitly, if you've got that much money;-) will post it now.

does anybody know if they are still doing this deal or not. I did get some but now more people want to go and I need some more?

i can no longer find it on buyagift, instead im saving my tesco points

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No guys, can't see it any more. Clicking expired....
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